Monday, January 11, 2010

Spoilers 01/11

  • BIG RUMOR: Sam breaks up with Jason.
  • Franco tricks Jason when he tries to rescue Sam.
  • BIG RUMOR: Maxie ends up pregnant with Franco's child.
  • Jason warns Lucky about a trap where Lulu is.
  • Jason's main concern is how Liz and Lucky's issues will effect Jake.
  • Lucky begins drinking again.
  • Liz starts to spiral down hill.
  • Lisa tampers with Robin's meds.
  • Patrick tells Lisa Robin is the only woman for him.


Anonymous said...

That Rumor about Jasam better stay a rumor. After 2 years of not being together and getting back together, they better stay together.

Anonymous said...

i agree. Sami please dig a little deeper and tell us this isn't so.

beana said...

Love Jasam and they so better stay together or there will be a lot of disappointment fans.

Anonymous said...

Sami-I hope this is a just a rumor & that the writers @ GH are not sacrificing JaSam for another horrible go round of Liason. Why would they break up this time? I don't see Sam breaking up with him, over what this stuff with Franco? Keep Liz out of Jason's ORBIT! If they break up JaSam again & try to force Liason down our throats, I will stop watching GH again like I did in 2007. It's still upsetting
as a rumor. They are just starting to get back on track. I hope the writers hear the fans & keep JaSam together.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I myself never believe in RUMORS. If this will be true i think it's a SOAPY thing to make the viewers unsure about the story and angst between a couple. The breakup won't last long because Sam and Jason loves each other that/too much! :)

Anonymous said...

hmm i dont believe they will split either, i read somewhere that guza said 2010 is the year of jasam!

i do think that franco's messing with jason for the past few months should affect jason and the way he lives his lives and maybe how he reacts the way around michael, jake, sam and even sonny.

otherwise this whole franco storyline is pointless.

Anonymous said...

Guza (in an interivew) indicated that they were invested in this couple for the "long haul." My hope is that this is a rumor. If they do break Sam and Jason up this time, I am done with the show for good. I think many will be too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i think if she broke up with him he wouldnt just accept it and be done. i think he would fight for her and do everything he could to get her back.

Anonymous said...

it was christmas eve that jason told sam that h elove her guza said that this year was the year for them i would stop watching the show tooit is a big rumor and it is just a rumor. jasam need to make it all the way this year and get married and kids for get about liz.

Anonymous said...

Best Lead Actress:
Kelly Monaco

Best Lead Actor:
Steve Burton

Best Supporting Actress:
Sarah Brown

Best Supporting Actor:
Brandon Barash

Best Storyline of 09':
JaSam reconciles

Worst Storyline of 09':
Nik & Liz have an affair

Biggest Ray Of Light:

Biggest Downer:

Biggest Let Go:
Sarah Joy Brown

Most In Need of Being Resurrected:
Natalia Livingston's Emily

Favorite Couple:

Worst Couple:

Biggest Surprise Couple:
Kate & Coleman

Biggest GH Scandal:
Keifer abuses Kristina

Best Guest Appearance:
Sebastian Roche

Worst Guest Appearance
James Franco

Best GH Memory of 09:
JaSam's Hot Mexican Adventure

Most Heartfelt GH Memory
Claudia learns she lost the baby