Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spoilers 1/05

  • Sam tags over Franco's tag to erase him from their memories.
  • Carly tells Jason that Lucky knows about the affair.
  • Jason worries how Liz's actions are affecting Jake.
  • Jason discusses with Sam if he should do something about Jake.

  • Lisa Makes her move when Robin brings Emma to visit Anna.
  • Lisa takes advantage while Robin's presence isn't there.
  • Lisa 'accidentally' falls down the stairs.

  • Carly and Jax plan for Josslyn's christening. Someone is said to be shot at this event.
  • Franco leaves Claudia's body behind for the police with a note attached for Jason.
  • Sonny is charged for Claudia's murder.
  • Jason and Sonny make plans to eliminate Dante.
  • Michael tells Sonny that Dante is a cop.
  • Lucky begins drinking again.
  • Helena is thrilled that Liz finally brought out the dark side in Nik.
  • Dante comforts Lulu when she learns what Liz has been doing to her brothers.
  • Lulu confronts Liz.
  • Dante covers for Lucky after he makes a huge mistake.
  • Rumor: After the reveal Nik wants Liz and the boys to move in with him.
    Liz turns him down. Nik then wants to have Spencer's nanny watch all the boys so Nik and Liz can go to Italy. Liz says no again.
  • Dante is shocked to learn his mother does know who his father is.
  • Dante wonders if Sonny or Michael should take the fall for Claudia's death.
  • Sonny goes to Lulu for help with Dante.


Anonymous said...

Jason discusses with Sam if he should do something about Jake.
I'm glad Jason is talking to Sam about being in Jake's life.
Also hell yeah Jason could claim his son bc those poor boys have been thur hell thanks to their great mommy

Anonymous said...

Lucky Wants To Rebuild His Life After Drinking For The 2nd Time In His Life. Will He Lose Elizabeth To Nikolas Or Valentin, Forever When He And Elizabeth Ended Their Engagement? If Elizabeth, Cameron And Jake Move In With Nikolas Or Valentin, Will Lucky Has A New Girlfriend In The New Female Resident Of Port Charles?

Anonymous said...

So When Robin And Her Daughter Return From Vacation In London, Will She Lose Patrick To Lisa, Forever? Robin Is Trying To Fight For Patrick...With A Help From Matt. By Stopping Lisa's Plans.

Anonymous said...

Will Nikolas Or Valentin Be Happy When He See Through His Eyes When Lucky And Dante's Ex-Love Get Hot And Heavy? And Then Nikolas Or Valentin Would Say, "Well, Lucky, You Have Found A New Girlfriend In Your Life. And That Means You'll Never Be In Elizabeth's Life, Forever. How About That!!!"