Friday, January 15, 2010

Spoilers 1/15

  • Jason opens up to Sam.
  • Jason takes measures to secure Michael's freedom.
  • Sam is unsettled by what she hears from Kristina who turns to her for advice about Kiefer.
  • Spinelli informs Jason that the cops uncovered DNA linking the murder to Sonny.
  • Jason and Spinelli investigate Michael's claim that Dante is a cop.
  • Lucky removes himself from the case but warns Jason that Maxie saw Sonny that night.
  • Jason encourages Maxie to lie to the police so she doesn't bring suspicion on Michael.

  • Patrick makes it clear to Lisa that he will never cheat on Robin.
  • Carly won't take no for an answer when she asks Jason to be Josslyn's god father.
  • Carly invites the Q's to the christening.
  • Carly wants Jason to claim Jake
  • After overhearing Sonny and Michael talking Dante is convinced Sonny killed Claudia.
  • Dante feels conflicted bringing Sonny down.
  • Ronnie tells Dante that they have enough evidence to put Sonny behind bars.
  • Dante is conflicted about using Michael's testimony.
  • Edward informs Tracy and Monica that he's inviting his great-granddaughter, Maya Ward, and her half-sister Zoe to move in with them.
  • Lucky walks in on Liz and Nik making love and walks away unseen.
  • Lucky erupts when he returns home.
  • Liz and Nik vow to never sleep together again.
  • Lucky tells Nik to stay in PC, but has an agenda of his own.
  • Lucky begins drinking.
  • Lulu informs Elizabeth and Nikolas that Lucky has fallen off the wagon
  • Lucky apologizes to Luke, who is taken aback to see the condition his son is in.
  • Lucky finally confronts Nikolas and Elizabeth
  • Lucky tears into Liz and Nik.
  • Liz has a meltdown in the Hospital.
  • Lucky cuts Liz off completely


Anonymous said...

Go Lucky, Bring her to her knees. I cant wait to see it. I hope it is front of a lot of people. I hope Jason and Sam are there to witness it. I really hope Carly is there, she will be the icing on the cake

beana said...

This would definatley be cool. Elizabeth loves to pretend that she is so better than everyone else and she is really good at making excuses for herself.

lasaundra said...

Yes I am with the both of you. The way both of them (liz and nikolas) act as if it is okay. and liz is not a goody goody girl at all. i would just like to know when the truth about the baby would come out I mean he is nearly what two now.

Anonymous said...

awesome rumors...i hope these come true, seems like finally some really good drama happening between liz/nik/lucky! i hope this 3some gets all the heavy duty acting and attention for awhile, i like the dark turn.

also, it would be kind of cool to see sam helping lucky as he goes through this tough time (since we haven't seen monaco with jackson), like how he helped her during her post-jason breakup.

i havent read this anywhere, but i think it would be very original and awesome if the hair evidence is michael's, but sonny does all he can to protect his son by saying he did it and planting evidence saying he did. this would get rid of sonny and save him as a good father figure, who does all to protect his family. and it would be a dramatic storyline that ends the whole mob-scene!

Anonymous said...

I hope Sam, Lulu and Carlie are all there and gets to chime in when Lucky rips into her. Liz deserves no less. I would even love Rebbecca or Emily to rise up from the grave and get a dig in. Liz's goodie goodie persona needs to be shredded to bits.