Friday, February 26, 2010

Spoilers 2/26

  • Sam's father arrives in PC in April.
  • Her father will not be revealed until May.
  • Jason worries that Franco is still a danger to his loved ones.
  • Jason goes to Luke with help on Ethan working with Johnny.
  • Kristina goes back to Kiefer and he beats her. She blames Ethan.
  • The guilt eats at her when everyone ends up yelling at Ethan.
  • Dante realizes that Kristina doesn't want Ethan to pay.
  • Kiefer manipulates Kristina.
  • Kiefer begs for forgiveness.
Sonny Vs The State of NY...
  • Alexis joins Sonny's defense when she realizes what Jax is up to.
  • Dante takes the stand.
  • Claire puts pressure on Dante.
  • Carly takes a public stand against Jax at Sonny's hearing.
  • Sonny's temper gets the best of him when he sees Dante grilling Michael.
  • Luke plans on stopping Lucky from interfering with Sonny's exit plan.
  • Sonny's bail is not revoked.
  • Jax and Carly's anger erupts into passion after Carly has the Metro Court cleared out.
  • But later on Carly and Jax still can't get past their Sonny issues.
  • Carly finds a picture of Franco in the proofs from Josslyn's christening.
  • Lisa does not like the change in Patrick's behavior after Robin interrupts their good time.
  • Robin realizes that Lisa enjoys Patrick's company a wee bit too much. She sees the same in Patrick.

  • Liz undergoes the paternity test, while Helena schemes.
  • Nik brings Liz her children in rehab.
  • Alexis Liz the details about her child's financial future.
  • Liz refuses the money.
  • Lucky lets Johnny know that he's on to him.
  • Lucky ends his relationship with Liz.
  • Lucky brings all of his attention to Dante to join force and bring down organized crime in PC


Anonymous said...

"Sam's father arrives in PC in April.
Her father will not be revealed until May."

I'm glad Sam is getting her own story kind of.

I'm soooooooo tried of this Sonny crap.

Anonymous said...

it seems that Helena is going to make Lucky's baby Nik's baby. Poor Lucky, this guy can not catch a break

Anonymous said...

Could Sam's father be one in the same Cassadine that was to surface last November?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

where do i go to vote for Jasam.