Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spoilers 3/10

  • Sam reveals her drugded up feelings to Jason.
  • Sam beats on Ethan.

  • Kristina tries to make one final play for Ethan.
  • Ethan tells Kristina to grow up and he was only nice to her because he felt bad for her.
  • Kristina is heartbroken and returns home.
  • Kiefer is waiting for her when he belittles her, and beats her.
  • Ethan shows up to apologize, Sees her and rushes her to the emergency room.
  • Kristina surprises Ethan and tells everyone it was him who beat her.
  • Kiefer visits Kristina worried that he'll lose everything.
  • Kristina tells Kiefer she'll cover for him because it was her fault and she doesn't want Sonny to kill him.
  • Kristina agrees to stand by Kiefer so he doesn't have to pay for her mistakes.
  • Kiefers Parents come into the picture: Rich, Powerful and Controlling.
  • Sonny wants Ethan dead.
  • Molly is heartbroken about Kristina.
  • Sam catches Ethan trying to talk to Kristina.
  • Carly and Jason try to convince Sonny that Kristina is hiding something.
  • Alexis almost hits the mark about Keifer when Kristina looses it after hearing Alexis's plans to go after Ethan.
  • Keifer can't keep his hands to himself.
  • Kristina goes over the edge.
  • Michael learns it was Kiefer who beat up Kristina.
  • Many people believe Ethan did it. He was seen yelling at Kristina earlier, and left bruises on her arm.
  • When Ethan brings Kristina to the hospital beaten up it doesn't go good for him.
Sonny VS The STATE...
  • Dante takes the stand at Sonny's trial.
  • Dante and Sonny bond over Kristina and Adela.
  • Dante shows up at the Island to talk to Michael.
  • Jax intervenes to prevent Claire from finding Michael.
  • Patrick plans a romantic picnic for Robin, but Lisa gets there first.
  • Patrick and Robin disagree about Sonny but soon make up.
  • Lisa will set up Patrick to make him "think" he cheated with her.

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