Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spoilers 3/17

Happy St Patrick's Day


Sonny VS The STATE...
  • Dante sees a different side to Sonny when he's talking to Kristina.
  • Sonny lashes out during his court hearing.
  • Claire is close to getting the truth.
  • Dante lashes out at Claire for involving Michael in Sonny's trial.
  • An angry Kiefer lashes out at Kristina.
  • Jason questions Kristina.
  • Lucky is forced to arrest Ethan.
  • Tracy bails Ethan out of jail.
  • Lulu finds Ethan trying to leave town.
  • Mac and Alexis get DNA samples from under Kristina's fingernails.
  • Alexis begs Jason not to kill Ethan.
  • Carly shares her suspicion that Kiefer beat Kristina with Jason
  • Ethan violates the restraining order
  • Kiefer loses it when he discovers Kristina doesn't want to press charges against Ethan
  • Jason shares his feelings of doubt about Ethan's guilt with Lucky;

  • Nik and Liz receive the paternity results.
  • Lucky is disappointed.
  • Lucky takes an interest in Maya.


Anonymous said...

No JaSam spoilers again? Disappointing. I hope that doesn't mean anything bad for my favorite couple. Waited so long. Please bring back the JaSam spoilers!

Anonymous said...

Keifer gets mad becos Kristina doesn't wanna press charges against Ethan?? What a douche!! He is a little wimpy bitch who can't own up to his responsibilities.
Can't wait for Lucky's potential pairing with Maya, Liz is a dumb ho who just needs to get with Nik or GO AWAY!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Has Learned That He Lost The Title Of Father Of Elizabeth's 3rd Baby To His Brother, Nikolas. So, Lucky Has To Move On With A New Female Resident Of Port Charles Named Maya, Who Would Become Lucky's Newest Girlfriend, And It Would Be The Romantic Era To Be Born For Port Charles' Newest Romantic Couple: Lucky And Maya, Would Change "General Hospital," Forever.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Would Be Sad When Her Ex-Husband, Lucky, Found A New Girlfriend In Maya. So, Elizabeth Will Have A New Boyfriend In Nikolas, Valentin, Or A New Male Resident Of Port Charles, Would Change Her Personal Life, Forever.

beana said...

Todays episode was great. i knew that jason would find out krissy was lieing that way because krissy had no way of knowing that sam went to see ethan right after leaving her house. LOL