Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spoilers 3/18

  • Jason shares his concerns about Kristina with Carly.
  • Carly suspects Kristina is lying.
  • They have a disagreement at the hospital tomorrow. Sam leaves to confront Ethan and Jason is not far behind. They do have a larger fight coming up.
  • Past issues of Sam's arises as the Kristina s/l moves along.

Sonny VS The State...
  • When Robin testifies she tries to paint a good picture of Sonny, but when Claire continues to grill her, Robin is unable to continue to show Sonny in a positive light.
  • Dante takes the stand.
  • Jax prevents Claire from locating Michael.
  • Claire overhears Sonny talking about wanting to kill Ethan.
  • Lucky makes a clean break away from Liz.
  • Does Nik find out the baby's true paternity?
  • Liz will try to make things work with her and Nik.
  • Nik reveals the paternity at a very bad time.

  • Ethan begs Kristina to tell the truth.
  • Sam threatens to call the police.
  • Luke supports Ethan.
  • Luke appeals to Sonny on Ethan's behalf.
  • Michael is positive that Kiefer is the one that attacked Kristina.
  • Sonny decides to let Ethan live, for now.
  • Lucky gives Ethan insight into Luke.
  • Luke asks Kristina to tell the truth.
  • Kiefer lashes out at Kristina again, Does someone see?
  • Rumor: Dante will be the one who kills Kiefer when he walks in on Keifer beating up Kristina.
  • Kiefer wants Kristina to press charges against Ethan.
  • Kristina drops charges against Ethan.
  • Kristina comes close to telling Sam the truth about Kiefer.
  • Alexis throws Carly out when she goes to talk to Kristina.
  • Carly confirms Jason's belief that Kristina is lying.
  • Kristina gets upset with Sonny.


Anonymous said...

This is going to be soooo exciting and i am so frustrated already for having to wait for the upcoming episodes. I don't want Kiefer to be killed out because the actor is just so great! I don't know what was the point of showing Nik asking for another paternity test for safety's sake if they are going to keep Liz's baby Nik's? I wish Sonny's trial would not become another repetitive storyline like Jason's/Alcazar trial was.

Evea620 said...

Jasam is going to be figting all they way tp April. I don not want to see my favorite couplwe foghting that long and then they have scrubs on shaky ground too. Oh hell no i think i might just stop watching this time if they brake Jasam up. I sorry but im tired of Krissy lying because its making Jasam fight. On that second paternity resr Nik finds out the baby is lucky's but he is so delfish and so wraped up on Liz that he will claim Lucky's kid as his own. what a selfish asshole.

Anonymous said...

Where did you hear that Jasam fighting is going to last that long? I feel so sorry for Sam for having to go thru all this and recall back the terrible memories of her own past. I love that Jason is there for her. This IS so well written and a good story for Jasam despite we have to follow their disagreement and fighting. We as viewers know how wrong Sam is here but i really feel Sam's behavior very realistic. In my own experience this is exactly how a abused woman feels; helpless, scared, furious, angry, anxious, apprehensive, vulnerable, and very alone despite who you have there to comfort you. It's very traumatic and i can feel what she's going thru only by watching he little sister. I believe in the end that Jasam's reconciling will bee sweet with a lot of love!