Friday, March 26, 2010

Spoilers 3/26

  • Sam learns that Jason can't be easily pushed away. 

  • Liz is determined to leave Shadybrook against everyone's advice. 
  • Patrick takes Elizabeth home from Shadybrooke despite Nikolas and Steve's protests that she's not ready to leave.
  • Helena stalks over the independent results when Liz arrives home. 
  • Lucky for Helena she already had the out of state results tampered with as well.  
  • Liz admits she was trying to sabotage Maya's work at the hospital.
  • Elizabeth finds Maxie with Lucky.

  • Kristina nearly confesses to Luke, but Sam and Alexis escort Luke out.
  • Sam is stopped before she beats on Ethan, again. 
  • Sam and Jason are at odds when Jason tells her he has doubts about Kristina's story.
  • Dante and Lucky work together and realize it has to be Kiefer who beat up Kristina.
  • Kiefer arrives as Dante is questioning Kristina.
  • After being questioned, Kiefer freaks out and goes to the lake house again, leaving a shocking mess behind for Alexis to find.
  • Carly tries to assure Kristina that her father would never hit a woman. 
  • Alexis finds Kristina badly beaten moments after seeing Kiefer taking off from the lake house.
  • Alexis accidentally mows Kiefer down with her car while taking Kristina to GH but keeps driving.
  • Kristina comes clean about Kiefer.
  • Luke, Skye and Ethan are relieved when Lucky tells them Kristina named Kiefer.
  • Dante blames Sonny for Kristina's lie.
  • Sam and Molly find Kiefer clinging to life and take him to GH.
  • Alexis keeps quiet about what happened to Kiefer.
  • Kiefer's father wants justice.
  • Lucky arrests Ethan for hitting Kiefer.
  • Sam convinces Alexis not to confess.
  • Jason and Spinelli look into the hit and run. 
  • Alexis remained silent while Lucky arrested Ethan when he found a dent on his car consistent w/ a hit-n-run
  • Lulu squirms when Dante makes a comment about abortion.

Sonny VS The State...
  • Dante stops Ronnie from questioning Morgan into revealing Michael's whereabouts.   
  • When Claire sees Sonny throw a tantrum she decides its time for Johnny to take the stand. 
  • Jax tells Claire how to get a rise out of Sonny. 
  • Sonny explodes with anger. 
  • Johnny is thrilled when his testimony sets Sonny off in court.
  • Dante warns Carly to keep Morgan away from the cops.
  • Maxie accidentally places Michael at the scene of the crime when she's forced to testify from the hospital
  • Maxie's testimony pulls Michael into the spot light.
  • Maxie suspects Michael killed Claudia.
  • Claire shuts down Robin's prelude to Sonny and forces the doctor to paint the mobster in a negative light on the stand
  • Sonny, Jason and Carly fear that Sonny's fate has been sealed. 
  • Michael makes plans to return home after Kristina confesses that things aren't looking good for Sonny.
  • Sonny and Johnny vicious courtroom exchange leaves Kristina shaken
  • Olivia, meanwhile, tries to assure Dante that he didn't inherit Sonny's volatile side.
  • Sonny berates Olivia.
  • Dante punches Sonny.
  • Dante forgives Olivia for lying about his paternity.
  • Claire puts Morgan on the stand.
  • To Sonny's surprise Olivia didn't implicate him or Michael in court

  • Maya arrives at the Q's mansion
  • Skye returns to PC. 
  • Maya butts heads with Ethan. 
  • Luke ditches his traveling plans with Tracy and Ethan after Skye's mysterious return piques his interest.
  • Lucky meets Maya.

  • Maxie dies and meets up with Georgie.
  • Maxie has to choose between Life with Spinelli or Death with Georgie. 
  • After hearing Spinelli’s voice, she decides to return to the land of the living. 


Anonymous said...

I Think Maxie Will Choose Her Romantic Life With Spinelli Over Death With Georgie. Will Lucky Choose To Have A Romantic Future With Maya, Elizabeth, Or Maxie? And After Herself Moving Back To Port Charles, Will Skye Have A Romantic Future With Lorenzo, Luke, Jax, Or A New Male Resident Of Port Charles?

Anonymous said...

omg i csn't belive there going to ley ethan go down for kefer hit and run omg first they put him through hill for not/hiting krissy now this omg

Anonymous said...

Sami just one question why is there a new moon picture on the spoilers page? I laughed when I first saw it. No offense I love your page and i was just curious.