Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spoilers 04/07

  •  Jason tells Sam that he plans on making an exchange for Sonny's freedom by sacrificing himself. 
  • Jason leaves to find Claire and Sam breaks down.
  • Sam knows that Alexis was the one to run over Kiefer but Jason doesn't know that Sam knows. 
  • Sam picks a fight with Warren. 
  • Sam investigates Warren.
  • Alexis confesses to Mac but Mac suspects she is just in shock by Kristina's beating. 
  • Alexis isn't charged with a hit & run. 
  • Warren suspects that Alexis was the one who ran over Kiefer. 
  •  Warren visits Kristina at the Lakehouse.
  • Jax threatens Warren after seeing him with Kristina. 
  • Warren questions Mac's relationship with Alexis. 
  • Warren starts an internet blog and goes after Alexis and Kristina.  
  • Lucky comforts Kristina when she learns that Kiefer is dead. 
  • Melinda Bauer confronts Alexis.
Sonny VS The State...
  • Carly testifies
  • Jax stops Ronnie from finding Michael
  • Dante accompanies Michael back to PC
  • Max and Milo are arrested..  

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