Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spoilers 4/14

  • Jason tells Sam his plan about taking Sonny's place in jail. 
  • Sam begs Jason not go through with it, but he refuses to back down. 
  • Sam breaks down at the thought of losing him again.
  • Rumor: Posed bodies make their appearance in PC again.
  • Jason wants answers from Lulu.
  • Nik manages to get through to Kristina at Wyndamere. 
  • Alexis suspects Helena is up to know good.  

  • Dante and Lulu finally make love.  
Sonny VS The State...
  • Carly is completely opposed of Jason throwing his life away for Sonny. 
  • Claire refuses Jason's proposition. 
  • Sonny decides to take the gamble with the jury.
  • Jason explains to Carly that Sonny's future lays in her hands.
  • Claire prepares to recall Michael to the stands. 
  • Does Carly bring a guest to court? 
  • Rumor: Coleman is excused from Jury Duty.
  • Rumor: Sonny's jury has a hard time reaching a fair verdict. 
  • Rumor: Sonny is convicted and sent to jail. Michael confesses but isn't believed. Jason and Dante work together to find evidence that proves Michael did it. 
  • Rumor: Sonny's mental health is in question.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Posed bodies... that's Franco coming to PC and making troubles for Jasam again. UUUGHH!
It's like TPTB can't decide what to do with this amazing couple. It's soap of course and angst is a part of it but please some happiness for Jasam is not too much to ask okay??!