Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spoilers 05/18

 From GHH: According to SID, GH will be making a big announcement on Tuesday, May 18th.  Sources are hinting that they will be trumpeting the return of Vanessa Marcil as Brenda.

  •  Jason and Sam have a chinese food picnic. 
  • Sam and Jason share their goodbye. 
  • Jason makes Sam a promise. 
  • Jason goes to prison. 
  • Dante and Claire take Jason into custody.
  • Mayor Floyd alters Jason's deal.
  • Rumor: Sam's father is coming, viewers have never met him.
    He is not a new character. He first airs end of June.
    He will be tangling with Sonny, Olivia, Johnny and Dante first.
  • Carly tells Dante about Logan's death.
  • Dante was Brooklyn's first kiss. 

  • Ethan agrees to work with Johnny.  
  • Ethan wants to help take Sonny down.
Sonny & Michael...
  • Sonny visits Michael in prison, and tells him Jason is going in to protect him.
  • Dante loses his temper with Michael. 
  • Michael proves he can protect himself. 
  • Sonny wants to destroy Johnny. 
  • Olivia overhears Sonny plotting to destroy Johnny.
  • Sonny admits to Robin that he wants a family with Olivia and Dante.
  • Claire watches Lucky at the park with the boys. 
  • Claire's biological clock is ticking.  


Anonymous said...

I've never watched when Brenda was on GH so i don't have an opinion about her returning. What i'm counting on is Jasam and LnL2. Jasam is my favorite couple their scene on monday was so sweet. Sam loves Jason so much and maybe Jason realizes that when he's in prison missing her. I believe and wish that LnL2 will reunite some day. They have had a rocky path but i still believe they belong together.

Anonymous said...

I guess the big announcement was that Franco's returning June 30th. I read it today on Access Hollywood's website.