Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spoilers 5/06

  • Rumor: Does Franco have Judge Caroll's Grandson??? 

  • Carly is honest with Jax about sleeping with Sonny. 
  • Jax files for divorce and wants custody of Josslyn and Morgan. 
  • Sonny will put Morgan's needs first but is not OK with Jax adopting him. 
  • Once Jax advises Carly he wants full custody of Josslyn and Morgan, Sonny and Carly put a stop to Morgans adoption. 
  • Liz moves into Wyndamere.  
  • Helena and Shirley meet. 
  • Liz invites Lucky for a family outing but he declines. 


Anonymous said...

I wish Jax will go somewhere and sit down. He gets on my last nerve with his self righteous butt. He is no better than Sonny for wanting to lie to protect Michael, because he does it all the time for Jerry.

Why is Liz moving into Wyndamere?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Jax being so selfish. He has always felt Sonny as a threath in his marriage and he's jealous about Carsason's friendship and the strong bond they share.
I felt totally for Michael Carly Sonny Jason and the kids when the judge passed the sentence. I think it's the first time they all had to face the consequences of their criminal lifestyle and that is a new situation for them to go through.
I wish Sam can help Jason cope this.
All the actors did great during the trial scene!

Anonymous said...

I felt so bad for them when Michael was sentenced, I cried. I wish Jax stop saying, " I did it to protect my family"' the family that he is claiming is Sonny's family. If you had so much hate for Sonny, why did you marry his ex-wife who shared 2 kids with him. That makes no sense to me and he knows how Carly feels about Jason, she loves him more then any man. But again, he married into a world that he hates so much