Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spoilers 5/25

  • Michael gives Jason the run-down about Pentonville.
  • Jason wants to teach Michael Self defense.
  • Jason gets put in Isolation for hitting a guard.
  • Sam warns Ethan to stay away from Kristina.
  • Molly accuses Jason of taking Sam for granted.
  • Franco talks to Alexis.
  • Franco sends Jason a message through Carter.
  • Sam worries Johnny is using Kristina for his war against Sonny, when Kristina pretends to be into him to get Sonny's attention.
  • Jason warns Sam that he is going to kill Carter.
  • Carly wants Pics of Dante cheating. 
  • Jax accuses Carly of ignoring Jocelyn.
  • Liz comes across Carly and Brook conspiring.
  • Carly tells Jax to do whatever is necessary to get Michael out of Prison even if it means sending Sonny to jail. 
  • Carly tells Sonny their relationship was emotionally abusive.
  •  Lulu tells Dante her secret but claims its a friend of hers. 
  • Lulu catches Brooklynn and Dante together at Kelly's and gets jealous
  • Brook leaves her earrings next to Dante's bed
  • Dante attacks Sonny when he believes Sonny is hitting on his mother.  
  • Lulu tells Sonny she will never forgive him for shooting Dante. 
  • Lulu accuses Brook of moving in on her man.
  • Brook moves next door to Dante.
  • Dante is happy about it which concerns Lulu.
  • Does Sonny put a bomb in Johnny's Car???
  • Krisitna pretends she is with Johnny.
  • Sonny goes to therapy.
  • Patrick prepares a romantic dinner for Robin before she goes to Africa. 
  • Patrick uses Carly to make Lisa jealous. 
  • Maxie warns Patrick to be careful. 
  • Liz ponders the thought about breaking into Jake and Cam's trust fund.  


Anonymous said...

I like the Jason and Michael scenes in PV. I think Jason has to realize that Michael is growing to a young adult and isn't a kid anymore. I love that Molly is questioning Jason's intentions of Sam.

Anonymous said...

Liz is such a winner... I bet she's sure glad that one of her two kids has a rich daddy to collect from. The other forgotten child... well she hates Cam's father. What a floor whore.

Anonymous said...

I've never ever liked Liz until JJ came back for the role of Lucky. After watching them together made me like Liz a lot and appraise her from a new standpoint. I just love them as a couple and both of them individually! For some reason they bring the best of each other but also the worst and i believe that's how a soap couple should be. They have their flaws and make their mistakes just like Jasam but imo they are endgame :)! I don't mind Niz or LiRic or anyone else with Liz for awhile but in the end i want them reuniting.

Although my favourite couple is and always will be Jasam. They are the supercouple of the Mob world and that's how it should be. They kind of present the reverse side of the life and world perfectly and that's for me makes GH so special.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that SoapNet is going off the air in 2012 in favor of preschool programming. It sucks!! Like canceling the best shows in 2010. I hope there's something we can do to save SoapNet. What are we gonna do when daytime programming is pre-empted for some stupid b/s that can wait until the 5 o'clock news? Not everyone is able to watch webisodes of their favorite soaps. If ABC is looking to save their soaps this isn't the way to do it.
I hope we see some updated JaSam spoilers today.

Anonymous said...

Lucky and Nik were great today though i can't stand Nik with his arrogant behavior against Liz and Lucky.

The most important is the Jasam scene :). They are so in love and i hope the scene continues on monday!

Anonymous said...

Hope we see some great JaSam spoilers tomorrow, it's been a week.

mtymse said...

Don't forget to watch starting tomorrow 6/1