Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spoilers 8/03

  •  Sam wants one last night of romance with Jason.
  •  Brook makes serious moves on Dante.
  • Lulu catches Brook in the act of a set up.
  • Carly and Sonny fight over Johnny. 
  • Brook thinks Carly has her sights on Johnny.
  •  Patrick and Robin confront Lisa after Robin shows him the defaced photos.  Lisa denies having anything to do with it.
  • Brenda calls Robin. 
  • Robin delivers a message to Sonny from Brenda. 
  • Maxie tells Robin that Lisa was at the house while she was gone. 
  • Lisa takes Emma for an ice cream without telling Patrick or Robin. 
  • Maxie asks Lucky to look into Lisa's history. 
  • Maxie and Matt try to monitor Lisa's behavior around Patrick. 
  • Patrick confesses to Robin about his one night stand. 
  • Maxie asks Robin to think things through before making any decisions. 
  • Patrick pleads for another chance. 
  • Lisa finds blood all over her locker.


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Anonymous said...

Glad to see that the spoilers are being updated on a regular basis. Love to see more JaSam spoilers but keep 'em coming!!