Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spoilers 8/04

  • Sam sneaks onto the Lopez compound to find evidence that proves Jason's innocence. 
  • Jason and Sam team up to crack a case!
  • Brenda and Sam meet at the party. 
  • Jason then introduces them but they've already met.
  • Carly gives Brook an ultimatum to seduce Dante.
  • Brook slips Dante a roofie.
  • Lulu comes home to find Brook straddling Dante in a passionate kiss.
  • Robin comes home to discover all her HIV medication missing  
  • Lisa threatens Steve with sexual harassment.
  • Patrick finds Lisa has taken up residence in his home while Robin is out of town. 
  • Patrick confesses his infidelity to Robin.
  • Patrick begs Robin for another chance. 
  •  Sonny mistakes Claire for Brenda on the docks, then invites her back to his place.
  • Sonny claims self defense in the shooting of Johnny.
  • Michael pleads his father's innocence to Jax and Dante. 
  • Lucky's investigation leads him to question the absence of Johnny's gun. 
  • Kristina stands vigil outside the ICU after Johnny's surgery.
  •  Brenda refuses to be the face of Franco's art masterpiece.
  • Sonny is approached by Morgan, who has run away from home to see his dad.
  • Carly is furious with Sonny when she discovers Morgan with him.
  • Carly refuses to give up her vendetta against Dante.   
  • Jax warns Claire about Sonny's patterns with women.
  • Carly and Spinelli create a ruse to transfer seemingly illegal drug funds into Dante’s bank account, hoping to incriminate him and jeopardize his career.


    Jaimi said...

    kinda like the fact that sam might already know brenda but i hope thats in a good way though

    Anonymous said...

    Yeah, i want to see Jason's face when he realizes that Brenda and Sam know each other :D ! I would love if they'd have comedy between the three. They could be hilarious together :)

    Finally some action for Sam. Go SAM!

    Anonymous said...

    I think that Brenda and Sam will get along pretty well. I wonder how Jason will feel about that because Brenda annoys the hell out of Jason and it is so hilarious.

    kay said...

    i want a brenda/sam friendship, i LOVE Sam and will love brenda too

    Anonymous said...

    I dont want a brenda and sam friendship i dont want them to be enemies but not really friends either maybe like how sam and robin is not really friends but not enemies either. many of you didnt watch when brenda was originally on but Brenda is more like robin and liz not sam. she is so self righteous just like them. i would much rather sam and carly br friends or frenemies because they are more alike. i never cared much for brenda but i dont mind her coming back as long as he stay away from jasam

    Anonymous said...

    It's nice to read different opinions about the characters in GH. I know that Brenda has a huge fan base but there're also a lot of people that don't like her. I've no experiences of Brenda so i can't tell what kind of interaction Sam and Brenda could or should have. I would love to see her reaction to Jasam's strong love and connection.
    I agree with you that Carly and Sam should be friends.

    Anonymous said...

    Sam needs a friend, Brenda would make a great friend for her. I don't find anything wrong with that. Carly is a definite no and she is not a genuine person. Brenda is wild and she is nothing like Robin or Liz. I have watched Brenda since the early 90's when she was a spoiled brat. She has changed from that spoiled brat image though. Robin and Brenda are complete opposites and yet they are still friends. You don't have to be alike to be friends.

    Anonymous said...

    You know what Sam needs a fucking friend dawn it! Lol I'm sorry for going off but my god she has been on for 7 years now and for some strange reason theses writers don't want to give her one it's not fair. I mean I guess Sam does have Spinelli but they are not really best friends. I want Sam to have a really good best friend and at this point I don't really care who it is as long as the person loves and cares about Sam and is always there for Sam I have no problem. At this point I don't care if she's friends with a freaking hobo but she just needs a friend. PLEASE GIVE SAM A BEST FRIEND!!!