Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spoilers 8/10

  • Sam is hurt and is rushed into the OR
  • Was she mistaken for Brenda?

  •  Vanessa Marcil signed a 2 year contract.
  • Brenda is attacked at a press conference.
  • Suzanne hires a bodyguard that might be from Brenda's past
  • Brenda will be involved in Crimson some what.  Remember when Lulu was given a date rape drug at a Crimson event. Brenda had a similar experience and witnessed something but doesn't remember it. Her return to PC will spark some memories.
  • Spinelli will adore Brenda. 
  • Sonny will go around telling people that he always loved Brenda but the two of them are toxic for one another. 
  • Jax goes to lengths to keep Brenda and Sonny apart. 
  • Brook will make a public announcement of Carly's plan and Nik will rescue her. 
  • Carly and Johnny get close. 
  • Carly nurses Johnny back to health and testifies against Sonny.

  • Robin kicks Patrick out of the house and spends time with Brenda talking about her problems.
  • Maxie tells Robin to not rush to judgment on Aug. 25 - she reminds her of her behavior during PPD and how Patrick stood by her and forgave her.
  • Lisa's murder will lead to a Scrubs reconciliation. Patrick will believe Robin did it and take the blame. As it turns out she won't be guilty either
  • Lisa will make it look like someone is attacking HER when she's really doing it herself.


Anonymous said...

Great spoilers, thank's Sami!

Poor Sam, hard times coming. But she will survive it together with Jason...:)
Love the Scrubs, Carly spoilers and also Spinelli and Brenda stuff! Spinelli is one of my favourite characters no matter what:D!

The actress in the picture Andrea Marcovicci looks gorgeous. Who is she?

Anonymous said...

Yes Sami sure doe shave the best spoilers. I am so excited about Brenda coming back. Carly is going to be so jealous! I wish we could fast forward to her getting to Port Charles already. I was hoping she would just pop up in Port Charles today. Oh well at least Vanessa is back. Andrea Marcovicci looks very elegant indeed. Spinelli needs a new girlfriend because him and Maxi are not a good couple anymore. I hope he gets a good storyline soon that involves him meeting a good woman.