Monday, August 23, 2010

Spoilers 8/23

  •   Jason rescues Sam from Lopez's men 
  • After Sam injures her ankle, Sam and Jason spend a romantic evening camping 
  • The Lopez men continue to hunt down Sam and Jason 
  • After a passionate kiss with Sam, Jason decides to slip out a side window for a sneak attack on the Lopez's men. This is after they come under fire at the cabin.
  • Jason promises Sam that she's the only one for him
  • Jason and Sam will not be breaking up but Brenda does cause some strain on their relationship.
  • Jason and Brenda flashbacks coming. We'll even see them together before Jason became Jason Morgan.
  •  Sonny insists that he shot Johnny in self-defense 
  • Ronnie finds Johnny's gun and then throws it into the harbor to make sure that Sonny faces charges  
  • Sonny pleads with Dante to clear his name 
  • Jax warns Claire about falling for Sonny 
  • Claire has a recording of Sonny threatening to kill Johnny and claim then that it was self-defense 
  • Michael believes Sonny's claims 
  • Kristina feels responsible for what happened to Johnny 
  • Brenda turns down Franco's offer 
  • Brenda agrees to marry Murphy  
  • Sonny intends to flee to Rome
  • Sonny and Brenda become very close, but the mob life is an obstacle they can't overcome. 
  • Murphy is not the good guy Brenda sees.
  • Carly marks her territory when it comes to Sonny.
  • With Brenda's lingering presence Carly decides to let Sonny spend time with his children. 
  • This causes major problems with Carly and Jax. 
  • Carly wonders if Brenda wants a reunion with Jax. Look for her to stake her claim.
  • Kristina is taken by every aspect of Brenda's life. They form a bond and Brenda plays a big part in helping her see the "true" Sonny.
  • Brenda will apologize for missing the several Q funerals and being generally out of touch.
  • Brenda's involvement with Crimson will prove the end for Kate.
  • Johnny is in critical condition when he arrives at the hospital with a gunshot wound  
  • Lucky questions that Johnny wasn't armed  
  • Olivia pleads with Johnny to live, so that they can be together
  • Johnny tells Claire that Sonny shot him unarmed just as Olivia arrives to hear him telling the lie.
  • Johnny offers Lucky a job  
  •  An unlikely new friend will help Michael cope with his assault in a way none of his well meaning family can.
  • Lucky bonds in a very special way with baby aiden. Nikolas proves a little jealous of the connection. 
  • Elizabeth insists that the baby returned to her isn't her son  
  • Nik asks Alexis for help in schooling Brooklynn in proper British etiquette. 
  • Steve and Olivia go on a few dates.  
  •  Dante and Lulu are on the verge of making up, but Brook shows up 
  • Brook points out that, drugged or not, Dante responded to her advances 
  • Dante manages to persuade Lulu to give their relationship another chance
  • Carly's plan will only serve to make Dante and Lulu grow closer, much closer.
  • Lulu demands to know why Carly paid Brook to seduce Dante 
  • Lulu is stunned to learn how Carly really feels 
  • Dante feels betrayed by his father 

  • Patrick is unsettled by Lisa's veiled threat after Lisa returns Emma home 
  • Patrick and Robin accuse Lisa of kidnapping their daughter 
  • Lisa insists that she didn't do anything wrong 
  • Patrick tells Robin about his one-night-stand with Lisa 
  • Robin throws Patrick out 
  • Maxie suggests that Robin keep an open mind 
  • Maxie is determined to dig into Lisa's past 
  • Lisa accuses Robin of threatening to kill her 
  • Robin and Patrick realize that Lisa is mentally unbalanced 
  • Lisa makes it appear that Robin tried to run her down in a car 
  • Robin discovers Emma’s favorite toy puppy boiling in a beaker of hot water in her lab.
  • Stone will be solidified as the great love of Robin's life but he will encourage her to finally let him go.
  • Carly encourages Jax to rescue Brenda in Rome before Sonny can get to her.
  • Brenda takes an immediate liking to Spinelli. She thinks his obvious crush is sweet.   


Anonymous said...

Wow. I am bummed! "...prove the end of Kate." I love her character and think lossing her is a huge mistake! Get ride of Olivia instead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spoilers.

..." •Lucky bonds in a very special way with baby aiden. Nikolas proves a little jealous of the connection.
•Elizabeth insists that the baby returned to her isn't her son...

This sounds contradictory!
How can Nik be jealous of Lucky's bond with Aiden if the baby isn't Liz's son Aiden??? Liz took him from Lucky's arms when he brought him home from Franco's mom so how didn't she notice the difference then?
I don't get it... Is Liz going nuts again or what???

Anonymous said...

I think liz questioning Aiden as her son will be a way to question his DNA and i am sure test will be ran to prove to her that Aiden is the baby that was taken and it will finally prove that Lucky is the child's father too.