Friday, August 27, 2010

Spoilers 8/27

  • Dante testifies at Sonny's hearing that he is not a flight risk. 
  • Dante tries to help out his siblings after Sonny disappears. 
  • Sonny is still in love with Brenda. 
  • Steve suspends Robin.
  • Patrick and Robin have a fake fight so Lisa thinks their marriage is over.  
  • Robin slaps Lisa. 
  • Lisa manipulates another doctor.
  • Carly's plan backfires. 
  • Lulu investigates her Spencer side. 
  • What will Olivia do when she learns Carly set her son up???
  •  Brenda tells Sonny she is engaged to Murphy Sinclair.
  • Brena learns she is being actively pursued by a notorious crime lord ,"The Balkan."
  • Brenda resists a warning from Interpol to head to the U.S. for her own protection.
  • Agent Bates has a few questions for Brenda.
  • Belkan's henchman approaches Brenda.
  • Suzanne worries for Brenda's safety.  
  • Brenda misses the passion her and Sonny once shared.
  • Maxie likes Matt but not necessarily on a full-time basis, at least not at this point.  At the same time she's jealous, she's not willing to let anybody else have him either.
  •  Michael has a shocking reaction when he walks in on Lulu half clothed.
  • Michael finally opens up about what happened in prison.
  • Michael and Kristina both struggle with their person intimacy issues.
  • Mac and Alexis continue their flirtations.

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