Monday, August 30, 2010

Spoilers 8/30

  • Sam overhears Jason ask Spinelli to uncover anything he can find on Brenda.
  • Later, Jason confides in her that he fears he won't be able to help Sonny out this time.
  • Jason learns that Sonny has fled, and suspects he's in Rome searching for Brenda. 
  • Jason and Brenda reunite the week of Sept 13.  
  • Brenda moves in with Jason on Sept 23
  • Carly and Maxie want Sam's help and it has to do with Brenda. 
  • Sam goes missing

  • Sonny turns to Claire to keep his mind off of Brenda
  • Sonny shows up in Rome and comes face to face with Brenda. 
  • Sonny saves Brenda from an attacker.  
  • Spinelli tracks down the witness to Johnny's shooing 
  • Sonny turns himself in.  
  •  Robin realizes Lisa is trying to set her up after throwing herself in front of her car
  • Robin confronts Lisa
  • Robin comforts Nik about Liz
  • Robin discovers Emma's toy boiling in her lab,Lisa Manipulates another Doctor
  • Robin tells Lisa if she wanted to kill her, she would have done it, just for her touching her daughter alone. 
  • Patrick fears Lisa will press charges against Robin and so does Matt. 
  • Lisa uses this to blackmail Matt into doing a surgery with Patrick.
  • Steven suspends Robin after another violent outburst when she beats up Lisa. 
  • Lisa trashes Robin to Maya and Steven overhears, making him realize how mentally unstable Lisa is. 
  • Robin packs up herself and Emma and moves out of their house, signaling to Lisa their marriage is over.
  • Patrick convinces Robin they need to work together to take down Lisa to protect Emma.
  • Patrick and Robin team up to take Lisa down. 
  • Patrick  pretends to be friendly and to believe Lisa. Plan blows up on their faces when Patrick accidentally tells Matt he loves and misses Robin and Emma.
  • Robin goes missing for about two weeks and some days. She is sick before she goes missing.
  • Rumor: Robin is pregnant but Lisa tampers with her blood work so no one knows?

  • Carly makes an interesting request when it comes to Brenda. 
  • Carly wants Jax to rescue Brenda so Sonny won't.
  • Jax tries to reassure Carly when she learns Brenda is back in the picture.  
  • Jax takes Crimson back over just as Jax and Carly reconcile 
  • Michael finds it hard adjusting to life as a high-schooler
  • Michael's annual charity event is held
  • Johnny and Olivia find their way back to each other. 
  • Olivia and Michael pressure Johnny to do the right thing and tell the truth. 
  • Olivia believes Sonny.
  • Lulu is shocked to learn Nik is helping Brook. 
  • Brook goes to Dante's apartment and comes clean with Lulu. 
  • Brook moves into the Q's but not for long when Tracy finds her stealing from Edward. 
  • Brook suffers from panic attacks. 
  • Nik comes across Brook in the rain with her suitcase. 
  • Nik offers Brook a job by escorting him to a business function.
  • Matt calls Maxie out on her remorse over Spinelli but makes it clear that he wants a relationship with her.
  • Maxie is furious when Brenda becomes her boss
  • Lucky gets sent to Ireland to pose as a criminal.   
  • While Lucky is undercover he meets Siobhan. 
  • Liz is determined to move on as a single mother and co-parent with both men.   


Anonymous said...

Why is Brenda moving to Jason's PH???? Are TPTB trying to dump Spinelli from the Pink room or what? I get that moving to an own place would be good for Spinelli but the PH belongs to Jason and Sam... I don't like this. It's as bad as when Carly tried to move in with Josslyn and Morgan...
Totally absurd!

Key said...

brenda needs to have her own place or a room at the metro court. Brenda cant run crimson she isnt management material. As much as I hate Kate thats the one thing she's good for. So glad Lucky is getting a girl!! Now if only Liz's baby can get sick so that they find out the child is Lucky's

Anonymous said...

I couldn't read anything else after 'Brenda moves in with Jason', this is crap!! Why can't Jasam have one moment's peace without this strumpet butting in.

Anonymous said...

I felt just like you; i hardly could finish the spoilers after reading the Brendamovingtojasonspenthouse-thing! Let Jasam have a break please. I know they have had wonderful moments during this year after their reunite but they need more time together.

I'm curious about Lucky's new girl although i always always want Liz and Lucky to reunite some day :D.