Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spoilers 9/01

  • Sam overhears Jason tell Spinelli to find everything on Brenda.
  • Sam starts to feel a tad insecure.
  • Sam's insecurities continue.
  • Suzanne asks Jason to come to Rome.

  • Robin finds Emma's favorite toy boiling in water in the lab. 
  • Robin slaps Lisa. 
  • Robin publically confronts Lisa. 
  • Robin is suspended by Steve. 
  • Robin and Emma move out. 
  • Patrick tells Lisa that Robin left him. 
  • Patrick leads Lisa to believe he is now available. 
  • Maxie drops a hint to Lisa that Robin and Emma are at the park. 
  • Lisa arrives at the park just as Robin and Patrick start their fake fight to show Lisa it's over. 
  • Robin and Patrick pray their plan succeeded 
  • Robin, Patrick and Steve work to expose Lisa. 
  • Lisa overhears Patrick say he misses Robin.
  • Robin becomes Ill and vanishes.
  •  Brenda tells Sonny she is engaged to Murphy Sinclair.
  • Brenda urges Sonny to go back for the sake of his children. 
  • Sonny kisses Brenda on the forehead. 
  • Sonny returns to Port Charles. 
  • Suzanne demands Brenda return home. 
  • Sonny turns himself in.
  • Suzanne worries for Brenda. 
  • Sonny hops into Bed with Claire. 
  • Sonny uses Claire to get his mind off of Brenda.
  • Brenda misses the passion her and Sonny once shared. 
  • Sonny is still in love with Brenda.
  • Matt wants him and Maxie to be together. 
  • Maxie likes Matt but doesn't want it to be a full time basis, but she doesn't want anyone else to have him either.

  • Lucky goes off in search of Luke for Tracy and gets intercepted by Interpol because he looks like Ronan O'Reilly, the Balkan assassin.
  • He accepts the assignment to go undercover on the 10th.  
  • Rumor: Is Sarah Webber coming to town??? 
  • Lucky accepts the assignment from Interpol.  
  • Look for Lucky to run into problems while posing as the criminal Ronan
  • He will get some unexpected backup from someone back in Port Charles.  (Johnny?) 


Anonymous said...

Old spoilers i guess?

Anonymous said...

OOH, I wonder if they will hook Sarah up with Nik or Lucky? I remember when those 2 both were crazy about her.

Anonymous said...

^ I don't know anything about Sarah so i don't have any expectations about her return but if she would be for Nik that's fine for me because i'm always waiting for LnL2 reunite. :D

How cute were Jasam yesterday :)Sam so tiny in Jason's lap with her ponytail swinging all over... and the looks between them... so adorable ¤¤¤¤!