Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spoilers 9/02

  • Jason and Dante are convinced Ronnie disposed of Johnny’s gun and set out to prove it.
  • Spinelli finds a construction worker who has cell phone footage confirming Johnny pulled what looks like a gun on Sonny proving Sonny fired in self-defense
  • Sam asks Carly if she should be worried about Brenda
  • Carly makes Sam more insecure.
  • Sam realizes that Jason helping Brenda is an annoyance for Jason. 
  • Jason reassures Sam that he loves her.
  • Brenda ends her engagement to Murphy.  
  • Sonny tells Brenda about his son Dante. 
  • He admits to shooting Dante and tells her about their strained relationship. 
  • Sonny tells Brenda that all he brought was pain into his family's lives. 
  • Sonny tells Brenda that he will run away with her if she even hints that that is what she wants. 
  • Brenda tells Sonny he should return to PC for the sake of his children. 
  • Sonny kisses Brenda on the forehead and once again leaves Brenda in the pouring rain. 
  • After Sonny leaves, Brenda is attacked. 
  • Suzanne is worried and contacts Jason for help.

  • A big scandal breaks involving Kate and Crimson. 
  • Jax has no choice but to fire Kate. 
  • Kate advices Jax to make a play for Brenda before it's too late.
  • Lucky sees a photo of his look-alike assassin Ronan O'Reilly
  • Lucky runs into problems. 
  • Johnny backs Lucky up.
  •  Claire realizes she has real feelings for Sonny.
  • Sonny is exonerated after they learn that Ronnie disposed of the weapon. 
  • While Sonny makes love to Claire, Brenda is wearing a wedding gown unable to keep focused on the present. 
  • Carly accuses Jax of thinking about Brenda in bed.  


Anonymous said...

OOOH, Great spoilers Sami, I hear that Jasam is breaking up & I wonder if this is true? I can't wait till Brenda gets back to PC because she is going to effect several peoples lives.

Anonymous said...

Why would Jasam break up?
I already loathe Brenda and i'm happy i didn't watch GH when she was on.