Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spoilers 9/08

  • A drugged Brenda pulls Jason in for a kiss. 
  • Spinelli tries to hide the photo from Sam. 
  • Robin tells Sam that all men will eventually cheat. 
  • Jax and Sam want in on a nasty fight between Sonny and Carly.
  • Molly wants to know if Sam is worried about losing Jason's love
  • Sam tries to explain the photo of Brenda and Jason kissing to Molly
  • Jason tells Sam about Brenda kissing him. 
  • Jason wants Sam to move in.
  •  Jason and Sam talk marriage.
  • Carly warns Jason that he could lose Sam if he does not move Brenda out of his PH
  • Sam orders Carly not to use her relationship with Jason against Brenda
  • Sam awakens apart of Jason that has been buried for years. 
  • Robin and Patrick work together to prove Lisa is losing it. 
  • Robin gets reinstated mid-September. 
  • Patrick goes to Lisa and tells her he thinks Robin is blowing it all out of proportion
  • Robin "conveniently" arrives and they pretend to fight once again.
  • Patrick pretends to be interested in Lisa, they plan to go away for a weekend together.
  • Matt goes off on Patrick for his behavior with Lisa. 
  • Robin fills Matt in on "the plan"
  • Lisa realizes that Patrick and Robin are messing with her. 
  • Lisa attacks Robin
  • Robin fights back which leads to Lisa knocking Robin out and injecting her 
  • Robin is locked up in the Morgue. 
  • Jason suspects Ronnie framed Sonny. 
  • Dante and Jason find proof Sonny innocent
  • Sarah returns in October to be closer to her family. 
  • Sarah will work at GH
  • Interpol tries to enlist Lucky's help because Lucky looks exactly like the Balkan's enforcer 
  • Lucky's localties are put to the test. 
  • Does Lucky's need for the danger get put to the test when he assumes the identity of Ronan.
  • Brook brings out Nik's wild side.
  • Lucky's new lady will not like him keeping secrets, and she doesn't even know about the ones back home.
  • Luke and Lucky reconnect in Europe. 
  • Luke returns home but Lucky does not for a bit.
  • Liz will be jealous of Brook living with Nik but Nik is still in love with Liz 
  • Liz wants to make it work with Nik but they do not communicate well about it. 

  • Brenda orders both Murphy and Sonny to keep their distance
  • A drugged Brenda pulls Jason in for a kiss
  • Murphy wants answers.
  • Jax and Sam want in on a nasty fight between Sonny and Carly.
  • Brenda will come face to face with her secret. 
  • Brenda has a secret alright, but she doesn't even know it! When it is discovered expect Carly, Sam, Sonny, and Jason to explode!
  • The Balkan has connections in PC. 
  • The Balkan is an enemy everyone is familiar with.
  • Lulu is suspicious when Dante tries to hide the contents of a box in his apartment
  • Dante's secret will tear his relationship with Lulu apart, but bring him closer to Michael.
  • Dante's secret will effect his job.
 Kristina & Michael...
  • Kristina catches Ethan off guard. 
  • Michael's secret comes out to someone unexpected, but that person may just be able to help him.

  • Carly is going to look her best when J
  • Does Jax sleep with someone other than Carly?


Anonymous said...

..."•Sam awakens apart of Jason that has been buried for years."

What's that suppose to mean??
Does Sam lay claim to Jason for the reverence she's entitled to after being by his side all these years and loving him more than anything else? I would love to see Jason make some effort for their love.

I'm not a Robin fan but i'm willing to give her credit when it's worth it. I liked when she stood up for her family and confronted Lisa. I loathe the character but i must say the actress portrays Lisa so well!

General Hospital Mob said...

I'm more interested in who this Balkan is. if it's somebody that we know. could it possibly be Manny's twin brother Mateo that left PC after the metro court hostage crisis? we also never got to see Lorenzo get killed on-screen.

Anonymous said...

I'm very intrigued by what Sam will awaken in Jason
Glad Lucky is getting a new girl and that someone will be ablt to help Mikey get ober his prison rape
God I hope Balkan is either Lorenzo or Jerry! I love them as bad guys
I actually like Robin in this storyline any other time she just annoys me
Lisa's character was a complete bore until she went nuts

Anonymous said...

I don't know about everyone else, but Carly and Lulu are really starting to get on my nerves. Sami, thanks for the update! I love the Brenda & Sonny spoilers. I am so happy she is back!

Mandy said...

I think the Balkin is FRANCO!! I really like LuLu & Dante together, but My Fav. Couple is definitely Sam & Jason!! I want Lucky to know he is the father of Elizabeth's baby. Do you think they will get back together? I hope they Lock Lisa up in a psych ward!! Micheal needs a love interest! Kristina gets on my nerves with all her whining. I hope Dante and Sonny become closer and for goodness sake take Morgan to a Yankees Game!!!

Anonymous said...

I am praying that Lucky and Liz get back together and i hope he finds out soon that Aiden is his kid. I have been waiting forever to the original Lnl2 on my screen again. I just dont get why the writers brought JJ back if they werent going to bring back the spark/love with LnL2. I just dont get it.

Loving the Jasam spoilers. hopefull this means we will see more of Kelly.

GH is about to get real good it seems

Anonymous said...

Great posts! Agree with you.
Also want LnL2 back together. Jasam are still my fav couple. They are just perfect!

Didn't like Jason in his suit with Brenda. He looked thickset...