Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spoilers 9/21

  • The Balkan's thugs corner Brenda in her hotel room. 
  • Jason kills Balkan's man and rescues Brenda after realizing she overdosed on Heroin
  • Jason sits with Brenda as she recovers.
  • Jason tells Sam he can't abandon Brenda as long as her life is endanger.
  • Jason brings Brenda to PC
  • Spinelli is excited to meet Brenda and ensures she's is comfy in Pink.
  • Spinelli and Maxie argue about Brenda.
  • Sam shares her concerns about Michael to Jason. 
  • Sam finds "Professional" Help for Michael.
  • Carly catches Brenda in a lie and wants Sam to investigate.
  • Sonny and Claire join the mile high club.   
  • Lucky is less then pleased to see Dante and Lulu in Ireland. 
  • Dante works to not blow Lucky's cover in Ireland. 
  • Lulu and Siobhan get to know each other.
  • Siobhan overhears Lulu and Dante talking about Ronan's true identity as Lucky.

  • After Lisa drugs Robin she brings her to a cabin.  
  • Mac doesn't believe Lisa is innocent.
  • Ronnie gets involved in the case between Robin and Lisa. 
  • Robin gets into a car accident with Emma after accidentally ingesting the tranquilizer's Lisa slipped into her HIV meds. 
  • Robin later wakes up dazed in a cabin without Emma. 
  • Lisa tells Robin she doesn't know where Emma is.  
  • Emma is found.
  • The nurse that fills Lisa's prescription is found dead.
  • Being disoriented Robin is able to escape the cabin but later falls down a well
  • Stone comes to Robin. 
  • Mac Arrests Patrick for Robin's disappearence. 
  • Lisa gets Patrick released. 
  • Steve finds a lead 
  • With Spinelli's help Patrick finds Robin who is suffering from hypothermia.
  • Lisa appears emotional and holding a gun.
  • Robin tells Patrick she still won't take him back.
  • Maxie advices Robin to work things out with Patrick .
  • Robin and Brenda have a heart to heart.

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