Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nancy Lee Grahn Joins Soap Stars Speaking Out Against The Rise in Teen Suicides

“How is it in 2010, people still don’t get it? So much has been said, the trouble is that the people that need to hear it simply won’t listen. Perhaps pointing and staring at them will help?
I think the biggest bullies are the religious leaders that preach intolerance because “God” told them to do it. Those little gems trickle down to those that believe Fred Flintstone really drove his car with his feet.

[Unfortunately], those people breed and so on ...I could go on and on ... all I know is I have a kid that I feel certain would never bully. I’m as sure of that as I am of anything. I’m sorry, but the parents in these cases have to be culpable. They had to have screwed up somewhere. Compassion is the easiest thing to teach to children. It is their nature.”  --Nancy Lee Grahn

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