Monday, October 18, 2010

Spoilers 10/18

  • Sam is heavily involved with the ruse to trick Balkan into believing that "Ronan" has kidnapped "Brenda" (Sam in a wig). 
  • Jason doesn't want Sam to risk her life but she is adamant.
  • Lucky's cover is blown prior to this when someone named Swavek overhears that Ronan is really Lucky Spencer, an undercover cop. Swavek tells the Balkan about this.
  • Siobhan is taken by the Balkan's men. 
  • When Spinelli attempts to help Brenda he gets into trouble.
  • Jason saves Sam's life in the warehouse explosion. 
  • Alexis is dragged into Jason and Sam's lives.

  • Lulu wonders if Dante has a fascination with Brenda.
  • Ronnie comes across evidence proving Sonny's guilt in the car bomb case. 

  • Ethan and Johnny lie to protect Kristina. 
  • Robin takes Liz's advice and takes Emma trick or treating. 
  • A witch wonders off with Emma.
  • Matt and Maxie assist in the search for Emma.
  • Emma is found wandering alone. 
  • Maxie asks Spinelli for security video to validate Robin.

  • Luke, Ethan and Maya pretends their is a health crisis with Luke. 
  • Jax hears from Jerry.  

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Anonymous said...

Go Sam!

Could someone please make a videoclip about Jasam and the song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", thank you :)