Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spoilers 10/19

  • Lucky and Jason team up to bring the Balkan out of hiding. 
  • Suzanne and Jason want Brenda to open up about what happened.
  • Jason, Lucky, Sam, and Dante set out to lure the Balkan into a trap.
  • Jason saves Sam's life in an explosion.

  • Carly VS Brenda
  • Carly brings on the crazy in Carly. 
  • Brenda accuses Carly of being Jealous of her. 
  • Carly suspects something when Dante overreacts when he see's Johnny and Brenda together. 
  • Olivia wants to have dinner with Johnny, Dante and Lulu. 
  • Olivia and Johnny break up.
  • Lulu wonders about Dante's fascination about Brenda.

  • Epiphany warns Robin that if she doesn't get a grip everyone will believe she is the crazy one.  
  • Patrick wonders if he should show up to Emma's birthday party.  
  • Robin takes Liz's advice and takes Emma trick or treating. 
  • A witch takes off with Emma. 
  • Robin is in danger, Does Lisa rescue her?
  • Liz tells Robin she may want to change her attitude towards Lisa and Patrick.  
  • Maxie asks Matt to help her look for Emma. 
  • Emma is found wondering alone. 
  • Maxie asks Spinelli to find surveillance that clears Robin.

Car bomb case...
  • Claire questions Alexis about the car bombing.  
  • Ethan and Johnny try to shield Kristina from the truth about the car bombing.
  • Ronnie has evidence that proves Sonny's guilt...

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