Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spoilers 10/20

  • Carly kisses Jason
  • Brenda falls into Jason's arms for protection and comfort as Sam watches.
  • Sam dresses up as Brenda so Ronan can kidnap her.
  • Sam's hints of the future and Jason's response leaves her cold. Is it because of Brenda? Sam thinks so.

  • Carly informs Claire that Brenda dumped Sonny. 
  • Claire wants Dante to investigate Brenda.
  • Sonny and Claire realizes that Carly set them up.
  • Sonny and Claire tries to give it another go. 
  • Sonny breaks up with Claire again. 
  • Suzanne has ulterior motives. 
  • Was that man from Brenda's flashback the Balkan's son??? 
  • Carly makes a shocking choice about Sonny. 
  • Siobhan overhears Liz and Nik talking about Lucky's past. 
  • Siobhan is missing. 
  • Lucky's cover is blown. 
  • Nikolas sees the effect Luckys' interest in Siobhan has on Liz. Brooklynn sees the effect it has on Nikolas.
  • Luke, Tracy, Maya, and Ethan head to Las Vegas.
  • Liz comes to Robin's defense with Lisa. 
  • Emma is taken by a witch. 
  • Patrick is confronts Lisa when he sees a witch's hat near her locker. When he realizes it's not hers (she has one inside her locker that no one sees), he's forced to apologize. 
  • Patrick decides its best not to go to Emma's birthday party. 
  • Lulu confronts Dante about his past with Brenda. 
  • Carly thinks she knows more about Brenda and Dante then she actually does. 
  • Dante helped Brenda cover up a crime back in the day.
    • Olivia finds Johnny conspiring with Carly. 


    Anonymous said...

    I Don't Want Sam To Lose Jason's Romantic Heart To Carly Or Brenda, For Real Romantic Stuff.

    ladymann said...

    I love Jason and Sam, but I have to say that right now, I would be dumping Jason if I were her (and if this was real life)!
    He is clearly forgetting all that she has done for him over the summer and he is neglecting her.

    I don't want them to break up- but she deserves better than she is getting right now.

    Anonymous said...

    October 20, 2010 4:28 PM

    Agree with you. Although i think Jason is doing his best at the moment; he doesn't neglect Sam purposely but sometimes he just seems to be in the dark when it comes to notice women. Idk...

    Anonymous said...

    I can't freaking believe carly! She has to have claim on everything! When I saw her kiss Jason right now (I'm watching it) I was so mad. And Jason just stood there. Grr. Mhh. Done venting. Ohh. Did anyone else see that there gonna play a GH epidode thats a fanfavorite of Jason and Sam, Todd and Tea, and Greenlee and Ryan. Gonna watch it. (: I wanna see what there gonna play.

    Anonymous said...

    I thought it was sooo out of the blue that kiss. Jason couldn't ever imagine that from Carly. What are the writers thinking???!! It was only gross! Jason's going to be mad at Carly. Talking about Jarly; Carly is old enough to be Jason's elder sister although her actions are childish. I could believe that kind of behavior from Kristina or Molly but a grown woman falling like that... Uhhhh.