Friday, October 29, 2010

Spoilers 10/29

Happy Halloween!!!!

  • The Balkan's men do not realize that Sam is a decoy. 
  • Sam is used twice as Brenda. The second time is when there are unexpected consequences for Sam and Jason. 
  • The secret about the murder comes out first to Jason and Sonny.
  • Brenda and Dante's indiscretion comes out  thanks to Carly. 
  • Lulu knows neither when Carly spills.
  • Robin accuses Lisa of dressing as a witch to take Emma. 
  • Patrick accuses Lisa when he sees a witch's outfit outside her locker and then quickly apologizes when he learns it is not hers.  
  • The audience sees the witch's costume inside her locker. 
  • Matt tells Patrick to do whatever it takes to save his marriage. 
  • Robin has a birthday party for Emma. 
  • Robin and Emma are unaware that a lit birthday candle fell on the floor. 
  • After Robin puts Emma to bed she smells fire and then trips and hits her head. 
  • Lisa comes across the burning house. 
  • Lisa hears Emma screaming and forces herself into the house. 
  • Lisa manages to rescue Robin but Robin accuses her of causing the fire. 
  • Robin is rushed to the hospital. 
  • Patrick attempts to comfort Robin in the aftermath. 
  • Lisa claims innocence to Nikolas.
  • Robin pulls away from Patrick. 
  • Maxie begs Robin to reconsider. 
  • Robin awakens from a nightmare to see Lisa standing over her with a syringe. 
  • Lisa threatens to go to the board for Robin's termination. 
  • Lisa attempts to lure Patrick to Jake's for reconciliation
  • Johnny becomes involved in Lisa's protection. 
  • Does Lisa Know the Balkan?
  • Robin's burns suffer a serious infection.


Anonymous said...

So sick of Lisa!!! I will be glad when she is gone!

glo said...

They had better not break-up Sam and Jason. They belong together

Anonymous said...

Hope we're going to get to see great updated JaSam spoilers today!

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of BRENDA! She's just screaming around PC day in day out, night and day 24/7. Ugh, how she's annoying and pathetic. Can we please get rid of her...asap???!!! The story is ridiculous and she's a mess.

Actually i like Lisa. She's so crazy that it's scary :D!

Anonymous said...

Updated spoilers, please.

Anonymous said...

I think i'm done with this show. It's all about Brenda and the Balkans. If VMG did sign a two year's contract, maybe, just maybe i'll come back when she's gone. I'm disappointed. No own story for Jasam, LnL2 are not even interacting with each other, the Davi's girls are missing...
Where is all the joy and happiness?