Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Tidbits

  • Sam poses as Brenda to lure out the Balkan.

Brenda, Brenda, Brenda...
  • Brenda and Jax think about their romantic past. Look for flashbacks.
  • Brenda uses Spinelli to uncover where the Balkan trade will go down.
  • Dante comes to Brenda's rescue when the Balkan's men try to grab her.
  • The Balkan wants to make a deal with Dante.
  • Did Brenda shoot the Balkan's son, and Did Dante cover for her???
  • Lucky and Liz spend Halloween with their boys.
Sonny & Claire...
  • Sonny and Claire get their relationship back on track.
  • Claire plays Sonny a phone message. 
  • Sonny catches Brenda with Jax
  • Lisa dresses up as Robin in order to take Emma.
  • Lisa tries to convince Nik that she is the innocent party.
  • Robin has Emma’s birthday party at the Scorpio home,and a lit birthday candle accidentally rolls onto the floor. She doesn't realize it happens.
  • Robin sings Emma to sleep.
  • Patrick is in surgery as the living room catches fire.
  • Robin smells smoke but slips on the stairs and falls unconscious.
  • Liz comes to Robin’s defense with Lisa.
  • Lisa finds the Scorpio home on fire.
  • Lisa manages to rescue Robin from the fire, but Robin accuses Lisa of arson.
  • Suffering burns, Robin is rushed to the hospital and Patrick races to her side as Lisa is questioned.
  • Robin’s burns turn into an infection.
  • Patrick questions Robin about the fire and apologizes to Lisa.
Teen Scene...
  • Kristina wins the Homecoming Queen title, but it's really just a sick joke.
  • Michael tells Kristina that he knew Sonny was behind the car bomb.
  • Michael turns to Candy for comfort.
  • Monica keeps up with Luke's scheme.
  • Luke and Tracy plan a wedding in Vegas.
  • Tracy allows Luke to move back to the Q mansion.  


Anonymous said...

I just spent few hours watching old Jasam YT clips. They are so amazing together with their great history! I wish for more Jasam scenes and less of Brenda. I don't like the character at all. The writing for her has to improve more if TPTB wants new viewers as me to engage to her story and the character.
I'm starting to like that Lisa is still staying in PC; she's crazy and the actress portrays her so well! I want Lisa to take the consequences of her actions but the story has been great so far.
Love to see LnL2 spending familytime together :D! So wishing for their reunion some day although i like Siobhan.
Brook and Nik are like a breath of fresh air, like them a lot. Nik seems happier than in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Jasam is the best couple in GH. They are magic! Bashers are going crazy because deep inside they know that Sam and Jason belong together forever and ever. I appreciate Jason and Robin fans due to their history as a young couple. Liz and Jason fans are almost evryone acting ridiculously in many boards. That's one thing why i can't like the fanbase or invest in the pairing. Liz and Jason were the most pointless and boring pairing GH has ever tried to make. I think a lot of their fans are disappointed that their expectations were higher than the reality showed us. The lack of romantic and passionate chemistry between them made it awkward to watch their scenes. I'm so happy that the misery is over.
LnL2 comes second as my favourites and i'm waiting for their reunion.
Love Patrick, despise Robin. Together they are fine.
Lante is boring because of Lulu.
Brenda is a total mess, nothing worth watching unless the writing starts to improve. What's the point of making her so pathetic?
Carly acts like a teenager, grow up woman!
Where's Alexis, i miss her...
The waiter at Sonny's officerestaurant is cute. I wish TPTB would show up him more.
Siobhan and Johnny could make a good couple. They are both young and beautiful. Siobhan seems to be a saucy and fearless girl so with Johnny they could be the younger mob-couple ;)

Anonymous said...

I like Jasam, but they are definitely not the best couple on Gh.