Friday, October 8, 2010

Who Is the Balkan?

Guza talks about the Balkan in the newest Soap Opera Digest
"There's a lot of speculation out there. I've seen Jerry, Suzanne, Scorpio, Sean Donely, which surprised me, and Faison. They're all good contenders. I will say that it's going to very much look like somebody who much of the audience thinks it is. It might be someone we've seen already--but I didn't say it would be. It's not necessarily a man or only one person. Now you may later find out it is in fact a man and only one person--I'm just saying don't assume anything."

"Brenda has a secret from the past with direct ties to the present in Port Charles [as previously spoiled, this will be Dante] That tie is going to blow sky high and turn this story on its ear. Right now, we are starting to build to this secret of the past, but it's not going to explode quite yet."

"There are some characters on the canvas who are involved with this story, some deeply, but you don't realize it yet. But I promise you that will absolutely be revealed as we move into November sweeps."

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