Friday, November 5, 2010

Chat with Maurice Bernard Today on Facebook

Today at 1:30PM EST on General Hospital's Facebook FanPage Maurice Bernard (Sonny) will be chatting with Fans.
 Message From Maurice:

Before we wrap up- to all my Facebook Fans: this has been an almost 18-year run, you all have been with me the whole way. I can’t believe how supportive you’ve been. You guys have been with me since day 1!!

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QUESTION:  i love you Maurice and i love Sonny too!! i wanna know what it’s like to have Vanessa back and what's it like to be working with her again??     
It's great having Vanessa back! I have a lot of respect for her and she brings a lot to the table!
NEXT QUESTION:  what do you think sonny will do when he finds out about the relationship between dante and brenda?

I think Sonny is a little reserved to go down that road, but I think he is willing to give it another try.

NEXT QUESTION:  Do you think Sonny and Dante will ever be on good terms and have a father son relationship?  On yesterday’s show it really seems like they have a beautiful relationship.

NEXT QUESTION:  Maurice, Do you believe your character Sonny will ever have a very close relationship with his daughter, Kristina?

There is nothing more in the world that Sonny wants than a close relationship with his kids, especially because of how Kristina feels about him.

There’s is one scene in particular in today’s show that was very meaningful for me, because I think it’s an important moment for Sonny. He really has a breakthrough with Kristina – during their conversation, it’s clear that his children are the most important people to him on earth I hope you fans recognize that moment when you’re watching today.

Considering it was a 6-month role, I never expected it to go this long at all. It hasn’t gotten boring yet

 NEXT QUESTION: Ashley Elizabeth: What are your more fun type of scenes to shoot? for example, on location, having a shoot out, cooking dinner & romancing, or getting emotional & crying? & WHY?

For me, the action scenes are my least favorite. I am not a stunt guy. I would rather talk for hours. I like to see what I can do with my monologues.

 QUESTION:  What was the episode that has had the most impact on you as a real person? LOVE everything you do..

The bipolar story had the most impact because it hit so close to home. It was probably the hardest acting I have ever have done or will do.

 NEXT QUESTION: I love Robin and Sonny's relationship and would like to see much more of them together. How is it working with Kimberly McCullough after all these years?

Kimberly is like a little sister to me, so that is kind of the way the scenes play out.

 NEXT QUESTION: Do you ever think Sonny will end up at a Yankees game with his 3 sons?

LOL. That would be his dream, but it would have to be on set of course.

NEXT QUESTION:  What do you like to do the most with your family outside GH?

I like to do everything with my family and I love everything I do with them. Movies, going out to eat, playing catch with my son and taking my dog for walks every morning.

NEXT QUESTION:  Do you cook as well as Sonny does?

Only thing I know how to cook is eggs and steak.

NEXT QUESTION: Does your wife watch the show on an everyday basis?

She is the hardest critic in the world, she actually likes the story line that is going on right now, she is really into it!

 NEXT QUESTION: What has it been like to act on Gh for so long? and what advice would you give to a young person on starting to act?

For me it has been a very complex character, so I get to go deep within and it is fantastic. My advise would be, be the best actor you can be. Study, study, study.

NEXT QUESTION: Do you consider your GH family part of your real family?

There are people in particular I really care about, to me we are like a family. It is great.

NEXT QUESTION:  How do u decompress after working such emotional scenes?

I learn to leave it on the set when I am done, listening to music, playing with my dog and with my kids. I learned my lesson the hard way- it’s gotten me in the past.

NEXT QUESTION: Was it easy to portray doing the bi polar story line, or was it difficult because it is a part of your real life and maybe harder to share since it was a true struggle in your life?

It is easier to do the bipolar story, easy because I have been there and hard because I have been there.

QUESTION: Do you think Sonny is going to have more children?

I don’t know. I think Sonny has enough kids….but it is always a great story. Who knows?!

NEXT QUESTION:What is your favorite type of music?

Oh man!! I love music! I love the whole spectrum….I love 70’s rock!! Eminem, Earth, Wind and Fire, James Taylor and White Stripes. I like it all!


Anonymous said...

That really stinks because I am at work and Facebook is blocked here. I can understand why though, I would be chatting it up with Maurice and not working! Have fun everyone.

General Hospital Mob said...

Maurice Bernard loving Eminem is awesome. i would never have guessed that.