Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spoilers 11/2

  • Jason and Spinelli begin investigating Jack when Siobhan remembers a name while she was captive. 

Ethan & Maya...
  • Ethan and Maya get drunk and get hitched in Vegas. 
  • Ethan and Maya hit the sheets just as Tracy and Luke arrive with the annulment. 
  • Edward offers Ethan and Maya 1 million dollars to stay married for a year. 
  • Steve begins to take Lisa's side. 
  • Lisa agrees to back off Robin if Patrick agrees to sleep with her again. 
  • Lisa tries to slip medication into Robin's IV. 
  • Maxie interrupts Lisa and nearly catches her in the act. 
  • Johnny covers for Lisa when she slips him the syringe.
  • Matt and Patrick have doubts about Maxie's Lisa theory.
  • Patrick and Robin bond in the hospital over Emma. 
  • Patrick and Robin continue to grow closer.
  • Liz has doubts after meeting Siobhan.
  • Lucky interrupts when he sees Liz grilling Siobhan and sets boundaries with her.
  • Siobhan remembers the name Jack when she was captured.

  • Johnny and Olivia fight over Carly. 
  • Olivia doesn't believe him when he says nothing happened between them.
Sonny & Brenda...
  • Carly is pleased to tell everyone that Dante and Brenda have a history and have slept together. 
  • Claire continues to be in love with Sonny but tells him to follow his heart. 
  • Sonny learns that Claire had submitted a release to allow Sonny to see Michael before the car bombing case. 
  • Sonny and Brenda give into fate.

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