Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spoilers 11/3

  • Sam and her sisters continue to set up Mac and Alexis for Thanksgiving. 
  • Alexis is contacted by Jerry. 
  • Molly asks Jason to reassure Sam about his feelings for her
  • Robin confides to Sam and Maxie about Lisa and Patrick.
  • Olivia is shocked to see Johnny conspiring with Carly. 
  • Carly pressures Spinelli to keep looking into Brenda's past. 
  • Brenda tells Jason the truth.
  • Brenda sympathies with Spinelli's love life.
  • Sonny breaks things off with Claire again. 
  • Brenda and Dante secretly meet to discuss their past.
  • Brenda and Sonny give into temptation. 
  • Claire and Dante get an eye full of Sonny and Brenda kissing on the docks.
  • Carly lets Brenda know she knows about Brenda and Dante's past. 
  • Brenda and Carly think it's best that she return to Rome, but it's not the safest idea. 
  • Jason steps in and tells Carly that no matter what she knows, she needs to think about whats at stake.
 Teen Scene...
  • Michael saves Abby from an attack, and soon Abby steps in when Michael is in an embarrassing situation.
  • Kristina is put in a situation where she may have to go against her father, and is once again the center of ridicule at her school.

  • Lulu confronts Dante about his past with Brenda.
  • Lulu catches Dante dreaming about Brenda
  • Patrick comforts Robin in the aftermath of the fire. 
  • Lisa makes a persuasive argument about her innocence to Nik. 
  • Robin awakens from a nightmare to find Lisa standing over her with a syringe.  
  • Maxie nearly catches Lisa but Johnny covers for Lisa. 
  • Matt and Patrick think Maxie is trying to frame Lisa.
  • Lisa threatens to go to the board for Robin's termination.
  • Lisa tries to lure Patrick to Jake's under the guise of reconciliation. 
  • Johnny learning that Sonny made some threats against Lisa, jumps to her defense
  • Robin and Patrick bond briefly but it turns sour when Patrick is angered over Lisa's upcoming situation. Robin heads to court.
  • Lucky frees Siobhan. 
  • Lucky finds Siobhan packing for Ireland.

Luke, Tracy, Ethan, Maya...
  • Luke convinces Tracy to run away with him to Vegas. 
  • Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya wake up in a Vegas hotel with no memory of their drunken night.  
  • Maya and Ethan don't get married, but they do have sex in Vegas.
  • Luke and Tracy plan to marry on Laura's birthday. Luke gets cold feet. 
  • Luke, Ethan and Maya work their magic to give Tracy and Luke a Christmas wedding
  • Edward discovering Ethan and Maya became lovers offers them one million dollars to stay away from eachother. They agree, but it's not that easy. 
  • Ethan and Maya have a secret affair.  


Anonymous said...

Good Jasam news!

What's the meaning with the character Johnny? I think he was great when he came to PC but currently he's just hanging around...

UUhhh Lisa, i hate to love you but you are crazy :)! I think TPTB has wrote her to a corner and tries to figure out how to make her believable again.

Glad to see Alexis :D

I'd wish for a good story for Liz. She could be more versatile and tolerable if written out from the "I know how to make other's relationshi pwork-attitude".

Why do they make Lunacy stupid again with the Las Vegas nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Love the updates on GH characters but I hope we're going to see great updated JaSam spoilers soon! :)