Monday, January 31, 2011

Spoilers 1/31

I apologize for being MIA for awhile I had a lot of personal issues going on but I will try to keep on top of the site.

  •  Today Michael confides in Jason what really happened in prison.
  •  Sam begins to have dizzy spells.
  • Maxie wonders if Sam is pregnant.  
  • Jason finds a pregnancy test.
  • Jason and Sam discuss having a family.
  • Sam visits Abby at GH. Michael surprises Abby when he brings her home from GH. 
  • Jason and Maxie work on a Valentines day surprise for Sam. 
  • Jason and Sam celebrate.  
  • Sam tells Jason she's relieved she isn't pregnant.  
 Luke & Tracy...
  • Tracy finds the diamonds Luke hid.
  • Brenda tells Dante the whereabouts of the baby. 
  • Brenda accuses Carly of destroying her wedding dress.
  • Sonny and Brenda's wedding will effect all of Port Charles.  
  • Sonny will be at the alter when he learns of Brenda and Dante's secret. 
  • Sonny flips when he wakes up and Brenda is gone.
  • Suzanne knows more about the baby then Brenda thinks.
  • Sonny wants to elope. 
  • Sonny accuses Carly of flooding the Archer Pavillion. 

  • Carly tells Jax she wants a divorce.
  • Carly becomes emotional when Michael makes a confession. This only makes her want more revenge on Dante.
  • Patrick and Robin go to the AIDS benefit, Lisa sabotages it. 
  • Sonny's wedding will bring Robin and Patrick closer.
  • Lisa arranges for Patrick to walk in on a Robin and Terrell moment. 
  • Lisa spikes Patrick's drink.
  • Siobhan tells Lucky why she has been working for the Balkan.
  • Lucky arrests Siobhan.
  • Lucky breaks Siobhan out of jail. 
  • Jason objects to Lucky returning to Ireland.
  • Siobhan's betrayal leaves Lucky heartbroken and torn. 
  • Aidan's paternity is finally revealed.
  • Brook witnesses Liz slipping cash to a Lab tech.
  • Lulu finds Brenda in Dante's arms 
  • Maxie pushes Lulu to take Dante back.  
  • Lulu and Dante re-evaluate their love. 
  • Dante contemplates his future with the PCPD
  • Dante tells Michael not to seek revenge against Franco. 
  • Lulu surprises Dante for Valentines Day.


Karen said...

Thanks for the spoilers. I hope you are doing well, Sami. We've missed you -Jasamrule

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to have you back, Sami! I've been visiting this site almost every day hoping to hear something from you :)

Don't sweat about this site too much, although we(= I )always wait patiently for the updated spoilers.

It's been fun to chat here in the meantime.

radiodj1520 said...

Good News, Dante And Lulu's Romantic Era Would Be Rebuild Again, For Real, For The 1st Time In Weeks.

I Don't Want Patrick To End His Marriage To Robin, In Divorce, To Not Have Lisa Back Into His Romantic Life, And Not To Have Robin In Terrell's Romantic Life, Forever.

As For Carly, She Would End Her Marriage To Jax, In Divorce. By The Way, Carly Would Have A New Boyfriend In A New PC Male Resident. And As For Jax, He Would Have A New Girlfriend In A New PC Female Resident.

If Siobhan Moves Back To Ireland, Lucky (Who Was Heartbroken And Torn) Would Have A New Girlfriend In A New PC Male Resident. And By The Way, His Ex-Wife, Elizabeth Would Move Out Of Port Charles, And Move Into The Biggest City In America: New York City, Which She Would Get A New Nursing Job At Any NYC Hospital Building, To Have Cameron, Jake, And Aidan, To Move Into Lucky's Apartment.

For Johnny, He Lost Olivia To Steven's Love Life. Now, Johnny Would Need A New Girlfriend In Kristina, Or A New PC Male Resident.

Nikolas And Brook Lynn's Romantic Era Conrinues To Grow, For Real. And They Would Be Engaged, And Get Married, And She Would Replace The Late Emily, To Become The New Princess Of Port Charles.

I Hope It Would Be Come True On "General Hospital."

ladymann said...

SO glad your back!! thank you for the updates!!

Anonymous said...

Sami, welcome back. You've been missed.

Anonymous said...

Finally great spoilers! Can't wait to see more from you. Glad you're back & all is well.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for you Sami, so glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Really glad your back Sami, hope that all is well! Thanks for the spoilers.

Anonymous said...

Your spoilers used to be the best. I hope you are able to keep them going again!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are back. You and your spoilers were missed. I hope all is better now.

PISam said...

I don't think a baby would fit into Sam and Jason's life. The writers would just find some why to tear them apart in the end. I'm content with how happy they are now!

Anonymous said...

I am a diehard JaSam fan and I would love for them to have a baby.. but I think I have to agree with the above post ... fitting a baby inside a life of crime is always challenging... I foresee major problems for the couple.

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with a Jasam baby. If someone in PC could take the best care of their baby it's Jasam. Sam and Jason have a heart of gold what comes to people they care of so they would make everything in their power to keep the child safe and healthy. Mob is not the only place that creates violence or danger in a cild's life; think about domestic violence or alcoholism etc. You have to understand that the Mob is a big part of GH/PC so it makes sense to bring a baby to that ambience. I'm waiting for how they'll play it out :)!

Anonymous said...

If the rumors are true about RH not leaving GH I'll be a happy LnL2 fan waiting for their reunion! :) Otherwise she has no purpose to continue in the show imo. I don't want her to mess with PC's men anymore, it's enough with storylines like that. TPTB could write a great story for Liz and Lucky and remember their memorable history. I think RH and JJ just shine together and I feel that LnL2 are ment to be together forever and ever...:)

I'm first and foremost a true Jasam fan but this wish has nothing to do with them. Jasam and LnL2 are totally two different couples and that's great for the show and their fans. I'd also like to see Liz and Jason as two adult friends, which was destroyed during the SOS. I feel my bloodpressure rising higher and higher when I think how much garbage that summer made to many characters. Ugh! I'm not going further with that...

Anonymous said...

Wow! How intense was friday's Jasam episode! Ugh, I can't wait for monday!
Jason looked like he didn't understand what he saw under the tarp. His beloved Sam lifeless when it was suppose to be Brenda...

Anonymous said...

What's the purpose of Franco?? I don't get it. I think he's a useless character. Having him in the middle of this Balkan story is like a cheap, poor cocktail!

I liked Shawn and Carly together. They could make a good team ;)!

But, Jasam made my day, monday can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear VM leaving the show. Does she think she's an extraordinary person by " coming visit GH for the rest of my life". She's an old botoxed woman with no purpose in the show. I was sooo disappointed in her return so I say gladly farewell and never come back again!

Anonymous said...

If the rumors are true about Jake dying I'll be sad. The little twin boys that portrays him are just adorable! Although Imo they look more like Luke Spencer than Jason, but I'm fine with him being Jason's son. I'm 99,9% sure that Jake'll come back to PC in the future. TPTB will some how make it happen after few years. I'm happy to read that Lucky is the one who tells Liz the terrible news about Jake. I so want them back together!

Jasam fan always first.

Anonymous said...

As a Jasamfan, I don't want the kid killed, why can't SAM have a baby by JASON ALSO OR THEY GET MARRIED....

But I would love for GV to come back as a new character...

But I would love for Sam to have twins like Cain and Lilly

Anonymous said...

^ I agree with you. I can't understand the purpose of Jake being Jason's son if they're going to let him die. I can only think it's a story for RH/Liz because there's no point to keep the character at GH without a good story. I wish the story would be about LnL2 not so much about Jason's grief.

Jasam having twins would be fantastic!
I hope this Jake story will bring Jasam stronger than ever. I know Sam is the only one that can console Jason the best. She knows how it feels to lose a child.

Sweet Eshleman Marie said...

Keep it up; keep posting more n more n more.