Thursday, July 31, 2008

7/31 Spoilers & More

Quartermaines??? We get scenes with Edward and Tracy soon..

Mob War? Rumors say that Karpov knows Kate and Sonny freaks. (* Ok for someone that wants nothing to with the mob knows a good amount of mob people) Jax confronts Carly about Jason, Sonny and Karpov. Jason makes plans to protect Carly. Kate has a feeling Sonny is being sucked back into the Mob. Sonny tries to ease her fears. Sonny feels betrayed by both Carly and Jason but he continues with his plan. Sonny admits he misses the power and its his addiction. Jerry is told to use Alexis' position as DA to Karpov's advantage. Alexis confronts Jerry. Jerry confides in her realizing he doesn't want to lose her. Jerry helps Sam when she gets into trouble. Karpov's family comes to town. Max is shocked to see his father. Diane urges Max to give up. Jason admits that since Jake was born he felt more distance grow between him and Sonny. Jason resents Sonny for introducing him to the business the cost him Liz, Jake and More. Liz has a run in with a new man in town.

Naudia... Nadine walks in on Claudia and Nik. Claudia notices Nadine's feelings for Nik. Nik receives a warning and Claudia tells him maybe he should listen. Claudia tries to stop Anthony from his dangerous tactics.

Matt.. Someone talks to him about his behavior that's just like him my guess is Patrick. Matt talks about his absentee father. Spinelli's dislike for Matt grows. Matt overhears Noah and Pat's talk about their issues.

On the Run... Scott continues to hunt for Johnny and Lulu. Johnny really cares about Lulu, Lulu is suffering from delusions. Lulu visits Laura and wonders if that is her future.

Spixie... Maxie leans on Spinelli and Spinelli wants more.

LuSam.. Lucky and Sam almost get caught during a romantic evening. Lucky wants Sam to stop.

Scrubs.. Robin and Pat catch their parents during a intimate moment. Noah and Pat dig deeper into their issues. Matt overhears their conversation. Pat and Robin talk about Pat getting his karma back and having a girl.

ASJ.. ASJ will be on the View this Friday.

Nightshift.. Night Shift is back exactly where they left off last season! The surprise hit for SoapNet last year is still pulling in the best numbers the network has ever had. With an 11pm viewing time SoapNet is exceeding their numbers for that time slot by over 70%.Look for the network to start production on a third season of Night Shift, that will most likely air in the beginning of the new year.Also, fans of the Canadian produced MVP can look forward to more new episodes as the show is continuing with production.Stay tuned....K. SaginAssistant Executive Producer, SoapNet

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