Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crazy Rumors!!!

Crazy rumor going around that Karpov will find out Jake is Jason's son so Liz and the boys fake their death by sending her car over a Cliff. The audience will know that they aren't really dead but other than that the only one who knows they are alive is Spinelli. Not even Lucky knows. Liz and the boys will be at Jason's PH. Not sure if this has any truth to it but I'll keep you Posted.

This one i believe a little bit more than the first... Have you guys been wondering how Carly gets herself in danger, and how?? WEll it looks like Carly asks Karpov to meet her at the MC for Dinner. He then takes her to his warehouse where they almost kiss. When they are about to Kiss Jason comes in with a gun and Karpov takes off. Carly gets to Karpov's PDA and Spinelli runs it through a program so they can see what Karpovs been up to. Then they find out Carly's in danger.

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