Friday, July 18, 2008

Actor Update

Vanessa Marcil:
Bob Guza confirms that GH is pursuing to have VM return to GH, but nothing is a done deal. Guza will put her back on the show asap when she gives the word. Guza has a story ready and waiting.

Sarah Brown:
SB said she would love to stay on as long as she is given the flexibility to work on movies and prime time. Guza agrees to accommodate her needs to keep Claudia around.

Genie Francis:
GF agreed to come back for a short stint Aug 26. GF said she would gladly come back if she was asked but apparently the writer's don't want to go that route currently.

Tristin Rogers:
TR will be back on GH: NightShift this season. No plans as of yet to bring him on to GH.

Graham Shiels:
GS is returning to his role of Cody to GH July 21. No word of him being on NS2. You can remember him last year seeking help from none other than Dr. Lainey. Will they pick up where they left off?

Finola Hughes:
Rumors going around that states Anna will make a short cross over to GH in order to help Robert. I'll keep you updated.


autismfamily said...

Good news on these additions and returns.

Anonymous said...

Wow, got excited to hear Genie Francis was returning! But this is old news. When are they going to bring Laura back to Luck as a mature, intelligent woman?