Friday, July 18, 2008

Spoilers 7/23-7/25

Maxie is shocked to learn that Matt is renting Georgie's bedroom. Spinelli vows to help Maxie find a way to get Matt out of there. Johnny uses music to win Sal's trust. Sal agrees to allow them to stay if Johnny gives piano lessons to Sal's sister. Lucky asks Liz if hes heard from Lulu. Diane tells Jason he's in serious legal trouble. Sonny meets Sasha, Karpovs inbetween girl. Diane looks out for Kate when she witnesses Sonny with a woman at the MC. AZ makes a scene, Sonny jumps in and defends Claudia. Sonny talks about Deke with Claudia. He tells her to watch out for Johnny. Nadine comforts Nik while hes worried about Lulu. Lucky tells Sam he thinks she is on the run with Johnny and not a hostage. Nadine finds Matt at the clinic after hours with Meds, when Nik comes she covers for Matt.

Lucky spends the night at Sam's and hides when Liz comes looking for her. Lucky hears Liz trying to get Sam to go back to Lucky. Tracy has a meeting with Nik when she tells him Lulu stole Edward's gun. She compares Lulu's situation with what happened to Laura. Scott learns from Nik that Logan is dead. Scott tells Mac and Lucky he thinks Lulu is apart of Johnny's escape. Carly vows to get Jason out. Jason tells Carly that Lulu killed Logan. Carly thinks about Lulu's reaction and how it mirror Laura. Claudia goes to the PCPD to see Jason and overhears Scott vowing to bring the killer to justice. Karpov arrives at Sonny's and Sonny denys Karpov of meeting with Jason. Max and Diane warn Sonny that being in association with Karpov could put him on Jason's bad side. Lulu has a nightmare about Logan. Johnny's student Lourdes likes Johnny and resents Lulu. AZ gots to Claudia to apologize. Carly goes to Spinelli with help pinning the murder on Ric.

Diane gives Sonny her resignation for conflict of interest. Claudia wants Jason's help locating JOhnny. She asks him a question that hits close to home. Carly tells Spinelli not to wait for Jason's approvval before starting to pin it on Ric. Scott wants answers from Maxie and hates what he hears. Jax intervenes. Lourdes brings flowers to Johnny who then becomes aware fo the feeling for him. Diane and Claudia tells Sonny, Jason might see his dealing with Karpov as hostile. Jax tells Carly about Scott's rant and informs her he's leaving town. Carly will not give up her marriage. Maxie warns Jason about Scott's vow. Ric offers a chance for Johnny. Scott tries to get Johnny and Lulu by broadcasting it on TV. It gets Sal's attention and infuriates Nik and Lucky. Jax gets a suprise to see Carly on the plane with Champaign in hand. Sonny laughs at Claudia for her attempt to blackmail Sonny into helping Johnny escape the country. Mac fails to get Jason talk about Lulu and Johnny escaping jail. Sonny offers to spring Jason from the PCPD.

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