Friday, July 18, 2008

GH Spoilers and More July 18

Scott finds out about his son's murder!

Scrubs: During NS2 Robin is heavily involved in Robert's case while Patrick is involved in Stone's Kelly will not be on NS2 but she'll be on in 2-3 weeks to tell Robin the sex of the baby. Robin and Jagger will be close while Jagger and Robert will have a father son relationship. The writer's are trying to find Jagger a love interest. Karen is not Stone's Mother. Jagger comes back to PC in order for his son to know where his father came from. Jagger is an FBI agent.

Jolu: Johnny starts to worry for Lulu when he realizes she's starting to hallucinate. He begins to rethink his plans when he realizes how fragile she is. Johnny makes a sacrifice and the truth comes out on how Logan died. Claudia tries to get to Johnny before anybody else. Johnny plays the piano and tells Lulu he loves her while they are at his former music teacher's apartment.

Counterfeit drugs: After Ian was killed Jerry was obligated to take over. With Jerry in charge the people he cares about are safe. Jerry has his own problems when the counterfeit drugs have an affect on the woman he loves, Alexis when she becomes ill and is given bad medication. Jerry stands up and puts everyone in danger.

Sam is approached to join the drug ring. She takes the job to find out where it all leads. She finds out Jerry's role but also discovers how deeper it goes. Lucky will become a roadblock in the drug ring and Sam overhears someone saying that he'll need to be taken care of.

Sonny, Out of the Mob? In the Mob?: Sonny's problems start to heat up when Karpov comes knocking and tells Sonny he has ambitions and he should join him. Jason ignores Sonny's warning of this new mob threat that hitting town, Sonny decides to be loyal to Jason and pretend to be on Karpov's team. Sonny stages his plan that Sonny wants power back and Karpov can supply it in ways Jason can't. Jason thinks Sonny is hitting rock bottom. Sonny tells Kate he doesn't want back in but this the only way they all can be safe. Kate is hurt but she'll stand by her man. Diane is unhappy with Sonny's new choice.

Sonny bonds with Claudia: Claudia will continue to share scenes with Jason and Sonny. Claudia and Sonny bond and he gets a bit protective of her. He saves her from her father's remarks in the middle of a restaurant. Claudia asks Jason for help locating Johnny. Anthony wants Claudia to prove herself.

Spixie: They come together again to try to locate Johnny and Lulu. Maxie tells Spinelli about her deal with Claudia so Claudia no longer has anything over her head. Matt greets Maxie Topless.

Carjax: Carly and Jax make love before he leaves. She has a new way to save her marriage.

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