Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Morning Blues!

Not Much information going around this Monday morning but I'll keep you posted...


It seems that VM's rumored arrival back to PC has been delayed. She told Guza she would return and then booked a movie.. So we'll see and I'll keep you posted.

Gay doc on NS2..

Some insiders have been speculating that the character Kyle (Adam Grimes) Dr. Julian's little brother may reveal that he is gay this season. Who knows, with this maybe the writer's can finally bring back Lucas, Bobbie's always absent son....

Patrick, Robin and Jagger???

Some insiders are saying that Jagger keep in mind that is Stone's big brother will start to see Robin in a new light.. Will Jagger get in the way of Scrubs happily ever after???


Claudia visits Jason to warn him about Karpov... There are thick waters between Sonny and Jason right now. Jason refuses any advice from Sonny. Claudia and Karpov face off.

Noah, Anna and Eli..

Looks like Fridays episode of Noah punching Eli is the start of something real. I'm hearing that Scrubs are making there way to the supply closet just to find Noah and Anna are already in there. The Eli scuffle will be over before he performs seems he gives the Scrubs baby some sort of present.


I'm hearing that Claudia and Ric are on the way.

I'll post more when they info comes about... Have a good Monday morning

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