Sunday, July 20, 2008

This Past Weekends News

Sonny, out again in again?

Looks like Sonny will take another meeting with Karpov to discuss their business deal. Sonny will eventually show in public that he is no longer on Jason's side. Kate knows the truth but has difficulty with it. Claudia and Sonny agree where Karpov is concerned. Jason doesnt want Sonny's warnings and is upset with his decision.

Nadine and Matt?

Nadine will agree to a date with Matt despite Nik's several warnings.

Claudia, Maxie and Spinelli

Maxie makes it crystal clear to Claudia this week that Spinelli will not help her locate Johnny and Lulu. Claudia blackmails Maxie by threatening to tell Spinelli about their deal. Maxie returns home to find a topless Matt. Robin rented out Georgie's old room to Matt.

Counterfeit drugs:

Nik and Lucky realize that the counterfeit drug ring is more dangerous that they anticipated. Lucky wants Sam to rethink the plan.

Carjax's Ups and downs:

Jax feels betrayed by Carly. Carly wants to save her marriage with Jax but she still has the urge to get revenge on Kate.

Girl time:

Maxie and Robin discusses Maxie's feelings towards Spinelli.

Liason? People Catching on.

Monica begins to question Liz and Jason's connection. Liz reassures Jason that she is not still in love with Lucky. I'm hearing rumblings now that Liason is stalled for the foreseeable future.

Jane Elliot:

Her scenes with increase incredibly once Luke (Tony Geary) is back.

Matt/Lucky Connection????

Ok guys I'm not sure if this is true or not but it seems interesting. Atleast to me it does. Matt is an FBI agent. Lucky met him a few months back when he was at the "FBI Convention" for Jake's first birthday. They are working together to bust the drug ring. I'm not sure if this is true but it sounds good.

Heavy grains right here for the "main" story for August.

Like I said this should be taken with a grain of Salt: It is rumored that someone attempts to kidnap Kristina, Molly, Morgan, Cam and Jake which will lead to THE story for August. Just to clarify so an inaccurate conclusion will not be reached, the attempted kidnapping of Jake and Cam has nothing to do with Jason. Not all of the children will escape unharmed, which has serious repercussions.

Scrubs Baby???

Its rumored to be a girl!!!!


Rumored Happenings:
Matt is connected to Lucky.
Lucky does not see Liason in the park.
CC is not being killed off.
Skate will marry after their planned wedding is stopped.
VM is not signed to come back yet.
SBr is being asked to sign for at least 6 more months.
Liz will be involved with the drug storyline.
LuSam are being heavily pushed.
Scrubs movement will occur mainly on NS2 until it wraps up.
Johnny and Maxie are not an option at the moment.
Lulu is not spilling about Jake to Johnny anytime soon.
Liason talk in the park.
Monica/Liz talk in the park.
Jason and Monica talk later.
Liason is stalled for the forseeabe future.
Jerry is not being threatened by the Russian.
Alexis will not be given fake drugs.
Matt is not a Drake.

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