Friday, July 25, 2008

New Opening Sequence???

In January Soap Opera Network reported that GH would not be getting a new opening sequence. Now, things have seemed to changed. A General Hospital Representative is reporting a new opening sequence is in the works. It is not clear whether or not it will be a updated version of the current opening or a completly new opening. The new opening will definitly include Brandon Barash, Nazanin Boniadi, Sarah Joy Brown, Claire Coffee, Jason Cook and Sonya Eddy among others.

So it likes finally were going to be getting a new opening... Yay!!!


grambeth said...

Hi Sami,
Love your blog. You can tell you spend a lot of time on it making it great. It is about time for a new opening sequence. It makes you think that Sarah Brown might have her contract extended it they put her in the opening sequence. I hope Liz is near Jason and Sam is near Lucky...little things make me happy! :)

GH Spoilers Gossip and More said...

Guza said that he'd be flexible with Sarah Brown for her to stay and allow her to do primetime and movies.. Good chance Claudia will be around for a while.