Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8/12 Spoilers & More

Liason... On Thursday Liz goes looking for Jason. They are on the docks and all i can really say is it is angsty, not really about it being harder or anything more like aknowledging the mistakes they made. I want to warn people that it doesnt sound like a big drawn out thing but it is emotional. Liz goes looking for Jason because of something Robin says to her and knowing he was watching her the whole time Lucky was there with Jake and Cameron. Basically knowing he is hurting. Elizabeth and Jason struggle with their decision. Jason and Liz share a kiss.

CarJax... Jax realizes that Jason will always come first to Carly and files for divorce. Kate is unhappy with a decision Jax makes. Jax and Carly make Love..
LuSam.. Sam comforts Lucky.

Mob War... Morgan and Kristina are used as leverage against Sonny. Jerry warns Kate about Sonny's enemies. Alexis is afraid to turn to Jerry and goes to Sonny instead. Sonny confronts Anthony. Anthony pushes Sonny's buttons. Karpov has plans for Morgan.

JoLu... Lucky jeapordizes his job to protect Lulu. Alexis catches Claudia rooting through her desk. Alexis goes to have Claudia arrested. Nikolas talks Alexis out of it. Nikolas tries to convince Claudia he's on her side. Claudia wants to find Ric. Alexis passes on information to Nikolas about what's going on with LuLu. Nik consults Alexis about defense and Alexis suggests mental illness. Johnny's back in the PCPD. RUMOR: Lourdes follows Johnny to PC. Lucky is afraid for his siter. Monica and Lulu have a talk about the state of mind. Lainey talks with the Q's.

Jarly... Jason and Carly have a serious talk regarding their relationship

Naudia/Nikadine... Claudia and Nikolas have a night to remember and Nadine is hurt. Ric is back and Claudia has plans for him.

J-Lex... Jerry suprises Alexis with a picnic at work, Sam interupts them, Alexis gets a bad feeling about Jerry from Sam, Alexis shuns Jerry and hurts his feelings.Trevor warns Alexis about Kristina. Alexis makes a plea to Johnny then heads to see Kristina and finds Anthony with Kristina.
Spinelli... Patrick and Matt clash over Spinelli's diagnosis.

NightShift... John J York (Mac) will appear in the 7th episode of NS when Robert goes in for surgery. Robert's condition takes a turn for the worse. Pip and Toussaintt go on their first date. Robin unexpectedly bonds with Claire.
Genie Francis: "I'm here for the whole month of August, then will come back and do some stuff for a couple of weeks in October, but I don't know the actual dates on that yet." Genie says the mother/daughter connection is strong and thats what wakes her up. It is stronger than the illness.
Dates to Remember:
8/25 - Spinelli's life is on the line, while Claudia realizes she nees Ric's help to clear Johnny.
8/26 - Claudia finds an ally in Nik and Carly comes clean to Jax about her association with Karpov. Patrick Proposes over the loudspeaker at the hospital.

Hot Rumor of the Day: Remember the rumor about someone else getting married at Skate's wedding instead of Skate well it could be Scrubs.

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