Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning Catch-Up

LuSam... Look for a shirtless Lucky and Sam scene on her couch the end of this week. They have a good conversation about their actual feelings. The 18th they confess the truth to Liz. Liz doesn't react well but look for a friendly exchange between Sam and Liz. Lucky tells Sam he loves her but she can't bring herself to say it back.

Skate.. Kates gets a sence of forboding danger in the horizon for her and Sonny.

MobWar... Anthony works Sonny making him want to go back to his roots when hears there were threats made against Kristina. Sonny and Anthony go toe to toe over the threats. Jerry warns Kate that Sonny still has enemies and that she is being naive if she thinks her life is now safe with Sonny out of the Mob. One of Sam's ships ends up in trouble. Lucky fears something will happen to Sam and can't stand the thought of losing her. Carly is concerned about the mob presence that is pulling the people she loves. Spinelli gets on Jason's badside when Spinelli is said to have a big mouth. A newbie creates a stir. Karpov tries to wooo Carly again. Anthony tells Claudia she has to prove herself.

Liason... Jason and Liz spend time together and find it painful to walk away. They wonder how much longer they can continue to live this way. Liason shares a good bye kiss the leads to more.

Scrubs.. Pat finds out he's having a girl and wonders if it is Karma for how he has treated women his whole life. Scrubs discuss space and the baby's room as well as their future. We'll get a onscreen ultrasound. Robin tells Jason that she hopes he'll be apart of her daughters life. Patrick makes a very Public proposal.

J-Lex.. Jerry questions why Alexis hasn't turned on him yet. Alexis tells him that it scares her how far Jerry is capable of going. Jerry tells her he would do almost anything for her.

Clic/Naudia.. Claudia feels sick about turning to Ric. She throws herself at Nik's understanding arms. They kiss, Nadine sees and is hurt. Nik convinces Claudia that he wants the best for Lulu just like Claudia wants the best for Johnny. Nadine accuses Claudia of manipulating Nik. Nik defends Claudia. Claudia notices Nadine's feelings for Nik. Robin gives Nadine some wise words.

Jolu... Johnny is torn apart by Lulu's state of mind. When Johnny tries to get Lulu into treatment she freaks. Alexis asks Johnny for help.

CarJax... Kate interupts Carly and Jax's alone time. Jax tells Carly he's not sure if they should stay together.

Actor Updates:

Annie M. Fitzgerald (Yvette, NS) will cross over to GH for a medical s/l.

Sandra Hess (Karpov's attorney) will be on screen the Week of Aug 18.

Graham Sheils (Cody Paul) will be on Aug 11 and 19th.

Sarah Brown (Claudia) Has said she'd love to stay on as long as she has flexibility for other projects. Guza said he'd accommodate them in order for her to stick around. Sarah will be excited to stay if she's paired with Nik.

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