Monday, August 25, 2008

8/25 Spoilers

Matt/Maxie/Spin.... Matt comments that Spinelli is clearly in love with Maxie. Maxie is defensive but unsettled by Matt's comments. Spinelli is upset when seeing Maxie and Matt together.Jerry suspects that there is more to Matt then there appears to be.

LuSam... Karpov begins to see Sam as a loyal part of his organization. He asks more of her coming up. Jerry issues a warning to Sam about getting involved with Karpov. Lucky remains fearful for Sam's saftey. Someone else is let in on Sam and Lucky's plot when questions arise about Sam working for Karpov.

MobWar??? Karpov and Anthony arrange a secret meeting and aliance. Jason recieves an anonymous note from someone. Jerry warns Jax against Karpov and the mob. Jerry continues to seek out a romantic relationship with Alexis but Alexis has doubts about Jerry's sincereity when learning of Jerry's business with Karpov. Anthony and Karpov go too far when it comes to Jax and Alexis. Jerry plots against them.

Skate... Kate and Sonny deal with the the fact that Sonny slept with Carly. Kate is shaken by the deception and doubts Sonny's committment to her. Sonny sets out to prove it. They do marry. But Kate has a shocking tie to Karpov that will immediately cause problems for them. Kate is outed as Connie, Jax stands by Carly and goes against Karpov when he sees the man clearly interested in his wife. Carly becomse interested in Kate's past.

Scrubs... Robin accepts Patrick's proposal of marriage but with certain compromises being made. Both anticipate the birth of their daughter but Robin starts to show signs of the physical toll carrying her baby is taking on her body .

Liason... Jason and Liz make another painful break after finding themselves getting pulled back in. However Liz finds herself confronted more with Jason's life. Anthony seeks out any weakness Jason may have, and Liz as at the top of the list .

Jolu... Laura will confront Scotty. Ric and Scotty battle it out in court. Tracy attempts to do what she thinks is best for LuLuJohnny is willing to sacrifice his freedom to spare LuLu. Lulu screams that she killed Logan. Johnny is socked and tries to protect her but its too late, Lucky thinks she is just trying to protect Johnny. Lucky becomes furious with Johnny because he has Lulu "lie" for him. Nikolas begins to realize Lulu is telling the truth and promises Johhny that he will protect Lulu with everything he has

Naudia/Nikadine... Nadine is intimidated by Claudia.


Tuesday August 26th:Laura admits that she has been drifting in and out but hasn't told her doctors.Carly thinks that the newer, more cheerful Lulu is in denial.Matt removes Spinelli's spleen.Spinelli remains in critical condition.Johnny doesn't want Lulu to testify because he thinks she'll confess to the murder.Claudia finds Ric in NYC.Jerry goes to Jax with a warning.

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