Tuesday, August 26, 2008

8/26 Spoilers

Matt... Matt confesses that a patient of his died from fake meds at his old hospital. He vowed to find the source and he's followed it to PC. He plans on bringing down the people behind it and he's got someone on the inside at Karpov's warehouse that is feeding him information. Maxie agrees to keep quiet. Jerry overhears this and goes straight to Karpov. Karpov orders Jerry to kill him. Matt becomes jealous of how attentive Maxie is to Spin. This doesn't make sense right now, but it will soon.

Scrubs... Robin uses one from Patrick's book and announces her feelings for him through the PA system. The acceptance is going to be beautiful, but many aren't going to be able to tell you much because of what happens immediately before. Robin fans are going to love her more than ever before and yes Patrick fans are finally going to have a little validation. Anyone remember Felicia giving birth to Georgie, look for similarities with the Scrubs baby, just not so simple.

Carson... Carly tells Sonny that if no violences continues in the next two months he can see Morgan. Carly and Kate have it out over Sonny taking her to the island. Carly tells Sonny that is there special place with the boys. Jax and Kate have a falling out that is only going to get worse. Jax will stick by his wife.

Liason... Karpov sees a close moment between Jason and Liz.

Naudia/Nikadine... Nikolas and Claudia on one side, Lucky on the other.

MobWar... Karpov's Visa is revoked next week and has to return to Russian. He leaves Sasha in his place as his emissary. He'll still be giving orders but from Russia. Don't expect to see him in PC until sweeps. Sam is not going to be raped. Sam works uncover to stop the drug trafficing but on a personal note wants to stop Jerry from taking advantage of Alexis. She lets Jerry know that she doesn't want him near her mother. In the end both Jerry and Sam figure out what the other is up to and it's not what either one thinks it is. But before that happens, Sam tells Alexis that Jerry is working for Karpov and is maybe using her to further his ties with Karpov. Jerry's persual of a relationship with Alexis gets strained when that happens. Sam gets in deeper than she thought she would. And then something really bad happens when someone finds out about what Sam has been up to. As for Karpov, romantically speaking, his eye is more on Carly. Much to Jax's displeasure and that causes problems between the two men . Which adds more problems for Karpov/Jerry. But that takes a slight backburner while Jax and Carly deal with the Kate/Sonny/Carly/Jax drama. It's not forgotten however. That comes leading up to fall sweeps, maybe earlier.

Jolu... Lucky looses control with Johnny. Nikolas stops Lucky from attacking Johnny. Lucky promises Johnny and Nikolas that he will see that Johnny never has any kind of contact with Lulu ever again. Nikolas accuses Lucky as being more responsible than Johhny for always telling Lulu she is going to end up crazy. Nikolas promises Lucky that if he contiues to hurt Lulul he will be forced to take action. Johnny wants to sacrafice everything for Lulu, including I'd own freedom. Anthony let's it be known that Lulu must die. One problem - Nikolas overhears AZ threaten Lulu's life. Nikolas goes to Lucky and wants them to team up to get Lulu out of SB. Lucky refuses and thinks Nikolas just wants to help Johnny see their sister. Let the problems begin. Lucky vs. NikolasNikolas and Johnny will form a formable team. Nikolas proves to Lucky that nothing will stand in his way, including him.

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