Friday, August 8, 2008

8/8 Spoilers & More

LuSam... Lucky tells Sam he loves her when he almost loses her, but does Sam return it???

CarJax... Look for romantic scenes coming up. Smooth sailing for this couple until Skate's wedding. Carly walks in and sees Karpov in her house talking to Morgan.

Skate.. Romantic scenes coming until atleast the Wedding. Kate understands Sonny's addiction to the mob but she wants him to fight it. Sonny reveals his inner demons to Kate.

Sason.. If you are a fan of these two you'll like what is coming. Sonny and Jason talk about Michael's shooting and they come to an understanding of each other but the scene is also sad because they both realize their relationship is done , then Kate comes in the room and jason leaves telling kate that sonny is not coming back in the business and he wont come around anymore.

Claudia... An Unlikely hero

Spinelli.. Spinelli gets on Jason's bad side.

Nikadine/Naudia... Rumors of a love triange coming!! Nik can't resist Claudia but don't count Nadine out yet... Nik and Claudia pair up to locate their sibblings. Nik reminds Claudia that she can't trust him.. Don't count out Clic just yet either.

JoLu.. They return to PC and Lulu's fear becomes reality. Johnny is willing to turn himself in to protect Lulu.. Lulu is upset when she realizes what Johnny is doing.

Scrubs.. The proposal won't go the way fans hoped it would go but you'll be happy. Scrubs is the safest couple on the show. First Proposal- Happens At the hospital where Epiphany , Lainey , Kelly , Liz , Noah and some dayplayers at the hospitals all witness the event. The first proposal is a complete spontaneous move by patrick and that's why robin turns him down but eventually he realizes that he wanted to marry robin for a while and let her know that , her family gets involved and robin cracks. Robin's baby shower happens the last week of August and pretty much the whole scorpio family is there . Karen harris wrote that episode so it's going to be pretty good based on the script. Robin accepts Patrick's second proposal after the baby shower.

Liason.. Liz is jealous of what lucky and Sam have. Jason is fed up with the organization. Liz and Jason have a talk about the danger on Wednesday.

JLex... Jerry is injured and Alexis gets a reality check about her feelings towards him. Sam tells Alexis what Jerry is up to.. Alexis is upset with Jerry and threatens him. Trevor warns Alexis that Anthony will go forward with his threats against Kristina if she doesnt do something about the Johnny/Lulu case , later on Alexis finds Anthony with Kristina.

Ric... Alexis and Ric have a scene coming up where they talk about the kids then Ric propose to go on vacation with Molly because he's missed his daughter .

Matt.. You'll see that Matt is working for Karpov but you'll also see he's working for someone else when he makes a phone call to tell someone what is going on in Karpov's organization. Matt has a meeting with Karpov.

***Finola Hughes will appear on NS.

Dates to Remember:

Sonny dumps Karpov and makes an enemy at the same time.Jason follows Carly to Karpov's warehouse.Maxie and Spinelli get in far too deep.Lulu has her birthday while in hiding.Nikolas and Claudia team up to find their siblings.Nadine makes a mess of everything.

8/11Episode: "Lulu's Fate"
Lulu worries that she'll suffer the same fate as her mother; Johnny secretly contacts Claudia. Maxie’s gamble pays off when she comes to Spinelli’s rescue.Lulu is certain she’s going to meet the same fate as Laura.Sonny strengthens his resolve to leave his old life behind.

8/12Episode: "Stakeout"
Jason takes Spinelli on a stakeout of Karpov's warehouse; Robin and Patrick learn the sex of their baby. Trevor issues Alexis a dire warning.Nikolas convinces Claudia that he can be trusted.Things just don’t ever seem to go right for Spinelli.

8/13Episode: "Stakeout Cut Short"
The stakeout is cut short when Jason takes Spinelli to the hospital; Carly and Jax discuss their relationship. Johnny is willing to turn himself in to get Lulu psychiatric help.Jerry warns Kate that Sonny will never be free of his foes.Jason and Elizabeth struggle to fight their feelings for each other.

8/14Episode: "Professional Help"
Johnny realizes that Lulu needs professional help; Anthony forces Claudia to move back home. Lulu reacts badly when she figures out what Johnny is really up to.Kate interrupts a possible reconciliation between Jax and Carly.Anthony presses Claudia for answers about her brother.

8/15Episode: "Johnny Eases Lulu's Fears"
Johnny tries to ease Lulu's fears; Kate wonders if Sonny is up to his old tricks. Johnny and Lulu’s nightmare is far from over. Anthony manipulates Sonny to get what he wants.Jason and Sonny finally talk about Michael’s shooting.

Are Your Couples Safe???
Scrubs are safe for the future, expect drama but nothing to seriously damage them. They are getting very positive response. And NS part Deux is considered successful, especially considering end of NS1. Fans have been enthusiastic.Liason is stalled and were intended to share one or two scenes a month up till NOV. This might change. Viewers are calling in about boycotts and sending letters and it doesn't panic higher ups but they are giving story outlines for this pairing a second look. Many complaints about female representation on the show, and for the first time changes are being considered.

JLex still on, no matter that Sam is thrown into the mix. She is going to be concerned for Alexis and will try to stop Jerry, that is the story.

Lusam is safe. They have backstage support and fan support.

Spin Maxie and Matt are still in a holding pattern, as which option they are going to go with is undecided.

Skate is a go and will continue. Mo will resign if he is given what he wants. He does not want Carson redux.

Nic and Claudia and Nadine are the classic soap story revisited. Good girl loves good guy who is drawn to bad girl. Will continue this way with Claudia winning initially but don't count our dark horse Nadine.

Johnny and Lulu are supported by certain writers and higher ups, on the run storyline was expected to bring in teens this summer. It has failed, they still hold out hope that story will gel with viewers, especially with Genie's return but anything is possible at this point.

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