Friday, August 8, 2008

Guza In At Days

Reliable sources are reporting that General Hospital head writer Robert Guza Jr. will take over the same position at Days Of Our Lives. The vacancy at Days was created when Dena Higley quit the show last week. This move will reunite Guza with NBC as he was previously the head writer of Sunset Beach, expect an official announcement by August 5th. There are also whispers that Maurice Bernard who plays the heavily popular mob boss Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital will make the jump to Days with his head writer. I'll Keep you posted on whether this is true or not.

This Article was Featured in the Suds Report on 8/8

Higley-gate update: Executive producer Ken Corday is “fighting to keep Dena [Higley] as head writer” of the embattled soap, report backstage sources, “but Sony is all about Ed Scott bringing in either one of two former Y&R colleagues of his [Jack Smith or Josh Griffith, who want to get back to writing].” So in other words: it’s war between Scott and Corday. Go get him, Ed! That silver spoon has had its day and needs to be retired like John McCain. Also, an industry insider reveals NBC and Sony will have to intervene soon because “Days’ [sliding] ratings are scaring several higher-ups.” Come on, people — why is getting this show back on track so damn hard? Regardless of Higley’s new WGA case, I think the suspected scabber is due for a timeout. Bring in Smith or Griffith, and LET THEM WRITE THE SHOW! Thank Goddard these executives are not in charge of something important like curing cancer or world peace because we’d all be dead. I could fix this soap in my sleep… and I’d do it for free.

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