Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Soap Zone:

"A SoapDish insider asserted in a post August 22nd that head writer Bob Guza Jr., who “receives bonuses based on the ratings,” has a habit of breaking up known, proven couples to bump up ratings. He did it apparently in 2006 when ratings took a dip but not enough of one to panic over. That’s when he obliterated the pairings of Ric and Alexis, Sonny and Emily, Elizabeth and Lucky, Jason and Sam, and kept only one. It’s gonna happen again, according to this insider. “Now, in 2008, ratings are way below bonus level and actually close to the numbers needed to exercise the termination clause. So what is our brilliant headwriter’s solution to this? Yes, you got it right, he is about to do it all over again. For November sweeps, expect the canvas to look like this: Sonny/Kate/Carly/Jax quad will kick into high gear after Sonny and Kate marry and Kate discovers Sonny’s secrets. This will be a major sweeps story. Johnny and Lulu will still be together but getting less screen time. As for the rest, I don’t know what you would even begin to call it except a huge polygon: Jason/Lucky/Nik/Matt/Liz/Sam/Nadine/Claudia and if he stays, Ric will be in a huge mix and match as couples come apart and others are teased. Sam/Nik are the only possible configuration that will not be played. Guza again, has one couple planned and the rest will be up in the air based on fan reaction. Matt will also be involved in a triangle with Spinelli and Maxie as the writers search for a strong place on canvas for him. Laura’s presence on canvas in November will not affect Luke and Tracy, whose marriage will be rocky anyway. Jerry/Alexis will be making strides. Scrubs will be fine welcoming their new baby. But the birth will not be without complications.” Also, Guza plans to blow up a set for November Sweeps. Karpov and his henchmen will bite it. Sasha could survive as a temptation for Sonny or Jason. GH: NS’s high ratings could influence the mother ship to stop fixating on only mob stories and spread it around to involve the hospital more. Another child will be in peril (Jake), with an opportunity for the least likely hero. Michael may come out of his coma and not as a recast, unless Guza balks. Helena lurks in the shadows. Guza allegedly has until November Sweeps to prove himself as head writer. If Sweeps tanks, he’s out. TPTB already has a replacement in mind. Garin Wolf? Laura Wright (Carly) and Sarah Joy Brown (Claudia) were in a shoot-out together with Steve Burton (Jason) last week. Brown’s increased share of Jason scenes may not be sitting right with Wright. According to a SoapDish source, Wright sees “Claudia’s buddy scenes with Jason” as a threat and “has been demanding equal time with Steve and was getting it until now.” Did TPTB reach out to Rena Sofer for a Lois rerun? Maybe. But she’s too busy."

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christopher said...

Wait back in 06 the ratings did drop alot from what I hear hell ppl still talk about it.