Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spoilers 9/10 updated @ 5est

Mob... Rumors say that Sam may be working on the inside of Karpov's organization and feeding Jason the info.. I'll keep you posted.

LuSam.. ILY's are coming and the couple will be moving in together.

Liason.. After Skates wedding Jason will give the it's not safe talk to Liz but this time She aint taking it!!! Jason discusses with Karpov what he did to Karpov's men while Liz is in the closet. It's meant to give her a reality check into his life. Jason are Liz are about to have sex on the 15th when they are interrupted by the news of the clinic exploding Liz's pager goes off and she says she has to leave, he kisses her and she goes on her merry way. Liason have a love scene montage on Sept 24th

Jolu.. Johnny begins to loose hope for the future.Johnny starts to believe that Lulu would have been better off if he never would have picked her up that night.Nikolas, with a new respect for Johnny, is the one to give him hope for his future and convinces him that Lulu is a lot stronger than people give her credit for.

CarJax... Carly thinks Jax and Leyla are an item when they are spoted at the MC together.

Skate... Olivia brings a whole trunk load of secret to PC which ultimatly will bring Skate together but it won't be a happy reunion. It has been confirmed Kate will get shot at the wedding and Olivia will be around longer because of it. EXPECT Olivia to create chaos.

Nikadine.. Nik finally starts to acknowledge he has feelings for Nadine after the explosion. Rumors still say that though Nik has feelings for Nadine, he may end up in bed with Claudia. Nik finds Matt and Nadine in the rubble after the explosion and rushes them to GH.

Matt... Rumors say it is Anna that discovers Matt's true identity.

Scrubs... Wednesday, September 10th Claudia’s determined to get to Johnny’s trial despite Patrick’s insistence that she needs to stay in the hospital. Claudia comes on to Patrick to try and get her way. Robin begins to have a change of heart about marriage.Thursday, September 11th Maxie laments the shame she feels to a sympathetic Robin. Robin is unfazed when she catches Claudia hitting on Patrick and is secure in the fact that Patrick loves her. Thursday, September 18thPatrick learns a shocking secret.Friday, September 19th Patrick is appalled by Noah’s behavior. Scrubs are on Wednesday with Liz.Patrick decides not to push any longer, which makes Robin now wish they he would. (As they tell Liz, not each other) Robin will be regrettng her decision.Robin walks in on Patrick and Claudia - but she knows the deal. He loves her and only her - and makes it clear to him on Thursday after she talks with Maxie.

Nightshift... Monica will appear on NS Oct 7.

9/15 Character Breakdowns:

Kate - W, Th and F

Sonny - T, W, Th and F

Carly - W, Th and F

Patrick - M, T, Th and F

Johnny - M, T and W

Sam - M, T and F

Jason - M, T, W and F

Spinelli - T, W, Th and F

Liz - M, T, W and Th

Hot Rumor thats Probably not true, But I wish it was...

TPTB are going with Jasam again because they feel it will cause the ratings to rise. KM and Sbu weren't happy at first, but both have made peace with it. I know it begins with sam being a spy for Jason while she is investigating the drugs. There will be a lucky/sam/Jason triangle with the ending result being Jasam. I know nothing about a Liz/Matt pairing from my understanding they were doing a Matt/Maxie/spin traingle. They could go back to LL2, but no final decisions have been made on that pairing. I do know Jason pushes liz away after Kate is shot.
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